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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Penis Festival in Kawasaki / Woman tries to kill husband because he didn't give her White Day gift

I'm not gone I'm not gone, just really busy !!!! It's crazy back at the Yokohama Office.

Day 2570 ( Training Training )
Wednesday, April 2, 2015

Did a brief presentation at a company training session today. I was as nervous as ever so I don't think it went too well but, you know, that's just life.


Was chatting with my Wednesday night private student and suddenly some of my old elementary school students in Yokohama came up to the Starbucks window, calling me to take a photo.



Day 2573 ( Penis Festival in Kawasaki )
Sunday, April 5, 2015

Was gonna go to a penis festival in Kawasaki, about 45 mins from me, but it was raining so I cancelled. A couple of my friends went tho.

Here is a bit of info about it by Greg Lane

"The Kanamara Festival originated around Kanayama Shrine – a penis venerating shrine in Kawasaki that was once popular with prostitutes who prayed for protection from sexually transmitted diseases.
The festival features the display of numerous giant phalli, penis shaped snacks and a mikoshi parade which includes the distinctive pink ‘Elizabeth Mikoshi’ which was donated by a drag queen club called Elizabeth and which is also carried by men in drag."




Day 2574 ( Toyama Debriefing )
Monday, April 6, 2015

Met with the guy who asked me to stay in Toyama for a year and had lunch. Met a couple other people at our head office as well who thanked me for the year in Toyama.



Day 2578 ( Be careful of IMO Talent Agency in Tokyo  )
Saturday, April 11, 2015

So 4 years ago when I just moved to Yokohama, I signed up with a few talent agencies. This particular one, IMO (Inagawa Motokohttp://www.inagawamotoko.com/bosyu.php
is verrrrry verrrry shady. In 4 years, this is like the 3rd time they are calling me for a job. They called me on Wednesday and told me to come for a part in a drama on Saturday and Sunday. I asked about the pay, exactly what I was doing, how long it would take etc... and they couldn't give me an answer. All they said was to meet a manager guy and FujiTV people in Tokyo at 6:30 am.

So I got up this morning at 4:30 am and rushed to Tokyo, even missed 2 trains and when I got there, I saw the TV crew and a couple other people in the rain waiting for another dude. We had to wait for 30 mins... then got driven back to close where I was coming from in the first place.

So about 14 of us were in a room, no one knowing what's going on. We had to stay in the room for like 10 hours and periodically shooting short scenes for the drama. I was getting really pissed because of the lack of information and the time I was wasting there.... So I got angry and left at 6:30 pm ... 12 hours after getting to Tokyo.....I don't even care if they pay me or not....The FujiTV staff present were also really horrible at dealing with people. The good thing out of all of this was that I met  some cool people.



Woman tries to kill husband because he didn't give her White Day gift

Japan Today

Police in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, on Monday arrested a 43-year-old woman on a charge of attempted murder after she tried to strangle her 31-year-old husband to death, claiming he didn’t give her anything for White Day on Saturday.

According to police, the woman, identified as Mie Nishiyama, started to strangle her sleeping husband with a necktie at around 12:35 a.m. Monday, Sports Nippon reported. The man woke up and subdued his wife, before calling police.
Nishiyama, who manages a beauty salon, was quoted by police as saying she got mad at her husband because he didn’t give her chocolates or any other gift on White Day, which is when men traditionally give gifts to women in return for chocolates they received on Valentine’s day.
Police said Nishiyama told them she had been drinking alcohol before the incident and that she had no intent to kill her husband, who suffered only light injuries.

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