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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Jamaican Cupcakes in Japan / Woman slashes husband / ISIS inspiring some Japanese / Recent Update

I'm not gone, I'm not gone.... It's just difficult to keep up since I came back to Yokohama.

The following news stuff are a bit old but still interesting nevertheless.

I always try ... key word "try" to support my Jamaican brothers and sisters who are trying some sort of business venture in Japan. I've tried quite a few things myself but nothing has taken off exceptionally well for me to use it and support myself. That's the dream in the long run. I'm however very slowly coming to the realization that I'm not particularly good at management. Organizing and planning yes, but management, not really. Anyway, support this sister:

Frosty feeling - Jamaican takes cupcakes to new heights

by Chris Betros - Japan Today

If you have trouble finding great cupcakes in Japan, then help is only a click away. Jamaican Sasha Lee Seals makes fantastic cupcakes and sells them through her online store http://www.yummcupcakery.com/cakesjamaican-desserts.html.

Where are you from and what brought you to Japan?
I am originally from Jamaica. When I was there, I saw a “Harajuku” girl and wanted to know more, so I found out about Japanese fashion. Then I was dating a fellow Jamaican who was in Japan; after finishing university, I moved to Japan 10 years ago to work in the fashion industry. I spoke no Japanese at the time, so a job in fashion wasn’t possible. I started working as a kindergarten/elementary school English teacher. After that, I worked as a recruiter in the fashion industry for a few years before the market crashed.
How did you get the idea to start yummcupcakery?
When my first daughter was one year old, I wanted to have cakes and cupcakes and there were none here that I liked, so I decided to make my own. That is how yumm started.
Is your recipe an original one or has it been handed down by your mother?
I grew up in a house where my mom and aunts would always bake for any and all reasons, so baking is in my blood. I had a tiny mixer and blender and learned all my baking from my mom and my aunts. Some of the recipes are from my mom; others I experiment.
What is the difference between a good cupcake and a great one?
A good cupcake is basic icing and cake. A great cupcake has the perfect amount of icing to cake ratio - 1:2, is made of fresh ingredients, and you can tell all the flavors. They are not just sweet with silky or grainy buttercream/frosting.
How is business?
Business has its good days. Some weeks I have very few orders and others I bake non-stop.
Are you only selling cupcakes online or are they available in stores or restaurants?
I sell mostly through my website www.yummcupcakery.com and recently we have started selling them at the Pink Cow in Roppongi and cookies at King George Cafe in Daikanyama.
Would you like to have a dedicated retail outlet one day?
I would love to have a café. It would be more like a home away from home, with awesome drinks to compliment the cupcakes.

Have you thought of offering baking lessons?
I have taught a few lessons to my eldest daughter’s friends and their moms. I plan to have more structured lessons that teach Japanese women and men who want to learn to make cupcakes.
Do Japanese like the same flavors as Americans? Do they prefer them to be sweeter or about the same?
I had to cut the sugar way down so my Japanese customers enjoy it. Also, Japanese want natural colors. For example, I have never had a Japanese customer order red velvet but for my foreign customers, red velvet is a winner.
How many cupcakes do you and your family eat each week?
My husband will eat six vanilla cupcakes in one sitting. The amount of cupcakes is a secret…well, actually I have no idea when you add up all the cupcakes, cookies and Jamaican desserts.



Ohhh Japan Japan.

Woman slashes husband for not washing his hands after using toilet

Japan Today

Police in Tokyo’s Ota Ward said Monday they have arrested a 29-year-old woman on suspicion of attempted murder after she slashed her husband because he didn’t wash his hands after using the toilet.
According to police, the woman, identified as Emi Mamiya, got into an argument with her 34-year-old husband in the second-floor apartment at around 1 p.m. Sunday, Sankei reported. The woman told police later that she got mad at her husband because he was going to touch their 3-year-old son without having washed his hands after using the toilet. She also complained that he left the toilet smelly and that her child could not use it in that condition.
Police said she threatened her husband with an 18-cm-long knife and when he dared her to kill him, she slashed his left cheek.
A passerby who heard the argument called police.
Mamiya told police she and her husband had often quarreled about his toilet manners and that she was fed up with him.



Some crazy people are here you know....

Man, inspired by IS video, threatens to behead ex-girlfriend

Japan Today

Police have arrested a 33-year-old Yokohama man on suspicion of threatening to kill his former girlfriend in a series of messages on the LINE app.
According to police, Shinichiro Misu sent seven messages to his ex-girlfriend, who is in her 20s, after she rejected his attempt to rekindle their relationship in February, Fuji TV reported.
Misu, a company employee, was quoted by police as saying he was inspired by Islamic State videos showing Japanese hostages being beheaded.
In his messages to his ex-girlfriend, Misu threatened to make her live in terror. He said he would pluck out one of her eyes and then behead her.



Day 2601 ( Hakkeijima Outing )
Monday, May 4, 2015

Went to an amusing park not too far from my apartment. This is probably my 5th time here, but the last time was about 3 years ago.



Day 2606 ( A Surprise Trip to Toyama )
Saturday, May 9, 2015

Flew down to Toyama on a cheap ticket today. Cost only 11,000 yen. What I like about the people in Toyama is that, I can send a message tonight and get a few people to meet up.



Day 2607 ( Surprise Baby Shower )
Sunday, May 10, 2015

Surprised the director of my music video today by attending her "surprise baby shower". It was crazy fun.

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