After The Japanese Wedding, New York and Jamaica

Ok here I am again.... Another rare occasion when I get to blog.

Two blog posts in less than a month is an outstanding feat now a days. Anyway, after the wedding in Japan, we stopped in New York and stayed by one of my university class mates Huntley, who is now working with Microsoft. He pretty much fixes Microsoft software that has random bugs. So he goes under the source codes and fix the troubles.

After a night in New York, We went to Jamaica. Here are the pics. Enjoy !


NY Friends plus cousin and her husband

Portmore, Jamaica

We landed in Jamaica on Christmas eve something like 1:30 am. I didn't get to my house until like 3 am tho.

My niece

Merry Christmas from Jamaica, Dec 25, 2015

Wife and Mother


Sister, Niece and Wife

Christmas Dinner at my sister's house

Wedding #2 - Low numbers version

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Takako enjoyed Ocho Rios for the most part except that a huge party known as Marcopolo was right outside our hotel window. She couldn't deal with the loud music.

Jerked Chicken

Macau - Kingston, Jamaica

Met up with my friends from university. It was pretty much these guys who helped me get through my 4 years of university.

Scotches Jerk Center - New Kingston, Jamaica

Back to Portmore, Jamaica

Then Negril, Jamaica


Unfortunately after this parasailing, Takako got some serious motion sickness and was very sick in her final week in Jamaica. I had to stay with her for hours at the doctor's office.

Back to Portmore, Jamaica

This is the road I live on

I played soccer on this dirt field for years

Old high School and church friend

My church in Waterford, Portmore, Jamaica