Gov't pension fund reports Y5.23 tril loss in April-June / Visit to Niimi / Famiy Visit to Japan / Life Update

I'm back again!!! After over a month. And I guess after reading this news I need to start saving my pension elsewhere or have some kind of plan... hmmm

Life Update

Day 3047 (Oya Museum - Tochigi)
Tuesday, July 31, 2016

Took summer vacation from July 26, but no plans to do anything extra special except to visit Tochigi (My wife's hometown) and Niimi, Okayama (Where I lived when I just came to Japan).

Today I visited my in-laws up in Tochigi. We visited a museum called Oya Museum, famous for the stones that are there. The stones are very strong against heat, but weak against water.


Day 3057 ( Visit back to Niimi and the Niimi Festival 2016 )
Friday-Sunday, August 5-7, 2016

My very good friend from Niimi (A principal and former head of the Board of Education there) came to pick up me and my wife at the airport in Okayama. It is a 1hr 30 mins drive from the airport to Niimi. I miss this level of kindness that the people of rural, western Japan tend to display.

I Spent 3 years working under the Yokohama BOE system and never even met one of the BOE members, much less the president. Here are some pics from that weekend in Niimi, Okayama.

My old Students, taller than me now

New friend Tim and his wife.

My Karate instructor

Camera man for my show when I was living in Niimi


Day 3060/3066 ( Video Shoot 1/2 )
Monday/Sunday, August 8/14, 2016

Had a video shoot in Shibuya on Monday then in Yokohama on Sunday. So yes I will be on TV again sometime in October, to be announced. Hint, it will be on TBS and will be about Jamaican food and how I can get access to Jamaican food in Japan.

My wife's version of Jamaican food

My mom's Cooking of Ox-tail


Very late news but yes Jamaica did quite well in the Olympics again. We came in 16th - top 20 baby!!!

We still surprise the world with our small size and dominance

My sister in Brazil


Day 3072 ( Gregory's Visit to Japan with Wife and Kids )
Saturday, August 20, 2016

Went Yokohama to pickup some family coming to Japan for the first time.

Day 3073 ( Kamakura and Hayama Visit )
Sunday, August 21, 2016

Visited Kamakura today again to show my visitors the big budda and other areas in Kanagawa.


Days 3079/3080 ( Jamaican Restaurant Visit + Asakusa-Sensoji and Sky Tree )
Saturday/Sunday, August 27/28, 2016

Went to Akihabara, Shibuya, Asakusa Temple and Sky tree these two days.


Gov't pension fund reports Y5.23 trillion loss in April-June

The Government Pension Investment Fund, the world’s largest pension fund, suffered investment losses of 5.2 trillion yen ($51.8 billion) in the fiscal first quarter as its returns fell on the back of tumbles in global equities.
GPIF said Britain’s surprise vote to leave the European Union in June was the catalyst for the latest paper losses, triggering a surge in the yen against the dollar and slide in world stock markets.
The Brexit shock impacted returns negatively, it said. Japan’s benchmark Nikkei 225, for instance, lost 7% in the April-June quarter.
“The results of the Britain’s vote turned out to be different from what the market expected. And U.S unemployment data in May was much worse than the market expectation,” said GPIF President Norihiro Takahashi in a statement on Friday.
“Because of these factors, the yen strengthened quickly and the global stock market plunged,” he said.
GPIF, which managed 130 trillion yen as of June, had a negative return of 3.88% in the quarter, translating into paper losses of 5.2 trillion yen.
It was the seventh worst quarterly return since GPIF started managing its assets in 2001, Shinichiro Mori, a GPIF spokesman, told a media briefing. GPIF had the third biggest quarterly losses in the same period, he added.
Of GPIF’s four asset classes, the Japanese bond portfolio was the only one with a positive return of 1.91%. The stock portfolio made a negative 7.38% return.
The GPIF made a historic shift in October 2014 by cutting its reliance on low-yielding domestic bonds and increasing weightings of stocks and other riskier assets.
Since then GPIF investment has made a negative 0.42% return and had a 1.1 trillion yen paper losses, Mori said.