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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jamaican's in Japan - Spring Ting 2012 Part 1

Days 1495 - 1501

Sunday, April 22 - Saturday, April 28, 2012 

Day 1495 ( AKB 48 Commercial )
Sunday April 22, 2012

Stayed in and did nothing special.


AKB48 commercial draws fire for lesbian overtones

There is this famous all girl singing group in Japan known as AKB 48, who are insanely famous. The AKB stands for Akihabara (The electronics / Anime / Nerd center of Tokyo, Japan), while the 48 stands for the core 48 members of the band/group. They hold the world record for the largest pop group.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AKB48

Here is a video of one of their most famous songs... You won't understand most of what they are saying though...

Try not to lust, because they can range anywhere from 11 - 20. After 20 they have to leave the group and then they will be replaced. Any way here is the news about them.

A commercial showing members of wildly popular all-girl band AKB48 passing bite-size candies seductively from mouth to mouth is under fire for encouraging homosexuality.

The advertisement, which aired in March, shows the school uniform-clad young women — all in their late teens or early 20s — intimately relaying the sweet, with the closeup footage slowing as their lips near.
A broadcasting standards watchdog said Thursday the majority of the 116 complaints it received in March about commercials for young people related to this ad.
"The commercial may encourage homosexuality," one of the complaints said, adding "oral flora" was also a concern, according to the Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization.

The commercial can be found here ... http://www.akb48cho.jp/cm/index.html




Day 1496 ( Crazy 14 Year Old ) 
Monday, April 23, 2012

Had only 4 classes today then left.


A 14-year-old boy was arrested early Monday on suspicion of stabbing a bus driver in the western suburb of Hachioji the previous afternoon, police said.

The third-year junior high school student has admitted stabbing the 37-year-old driver in the chest with a fruit knife, slightly injuring him, as he tried to prevent the boy from hijacking the vehicle around 3:10 p.m. Sunday, the police said.
"My friends teased me," the student was quoted as telling the police. "I was planning to lock myself in the bus to get back at them."
The police said the boy, whose name has been withheld because he is a minor, drew the knife after the bus stopped in front of JR Nishi-Hachioji Station.
He then ordered the driver to close the door and the passengers to move back. The driver was injured as he scuffled with the boy, the police said.




Day 1497 ( Association of Jamaicans in Japan Project / Lost Key and Strange Lady )
Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Association of Jamaicans in Japan Project

A Jamaican guy living in Japan for about 12 years now, asked me about some information on setting up a website for Jamaicans living in Japan. So I plan to ask a friend of mine to help me with the process.

I met the Jamaican guy who wants to start the website thing today in Shibuya, Tokyo. We went to the Jamaican restaurant and chatted a bit about the contents that should be on the website as well as about life in Japan as a Jamaican.

Lost Key and Strange Lady

After I left Shibuya, I went back to my apartment. However, while I was standing in front of my apartment door, I realized that my keys weren't in my coat pocket. I called the apartment agency but no answer. So I started to think about what next to do. While thinking in front of my apartment door, I saw a Japanese lady walking very slowly around me with some groceries. And as soon as she walked pass me, she ran like crazy, struggled to open her apartment door and dashed inside. I have never seen this before. I was in denial  and thought she must had seen a rat or needed to use the bathroom or something. But it hit me, "This is Japan" so she was running from me, who was locked out my apartment. Anyway, let me not even think too much about this stupid woman.

Luckily I had my apartment documents and stuff in my bag. So I called a number I saw on one of the many documents, and the guy told me that I had to head back to the Yokohama station (20 mins away) and they can give me another key. So I went to Yokohama and collect the key. The guy told me to make a copy of the key just in case history repeats itself.



Day 1498 ( Found my Keys ! )
Wednesday, April 25, 2012

After work, while walking up the treacherous mountain to get to my apartment, my eye glimpsed a Naruto key chain that looked similar to the one on my keys. Then next to it was my bunch of keys. I was very happy to find it. Now I will start to keep them in my bag instead of my pocket.

At my evening class, I told my student about the key incident and the woman running like mad. He laughed so hard. Then he said that clearly she didn't know that I lived only 2 doors away from her.



Day 1499 ( Drugs Test soon / I'm on National TV in Japan )
Thursday, April 26, 2012

Had our first company meeting today of the 2012/2013 school year. We now have a new boss who is from Australia. He spoke to us briefly and said we will all be doing some sort of drugs screening test of sorts. This is basically to protect the company's image and to some extent ensure that we have jobs. This guy came from the Fukuoka branch and said something to the sort of "some stupid American" dude had a small portion of weed and the police caught him. If a foreigner gets caught with drugs, trust me he is doomed. They will even go through his cell phone and contact EVERYONE in it.

The truth is that, this offence can actually ruin our company and cause many of us to lose jobs. My branch has over 600 English teachers and if just 1 of them should get caught with drugs, every single one of us can lose our jobs. So this is the reason for the drugs test thing. If the test revealed someone is taking drugs, I'm not sure what will be the outcome.


I'm on National TV in Japan

Finally the TV show aired today where myself and about 50 other foreigners from different parts of the world, came on TV. This is the second time I can recall being on national TV while living in Japan.

They told us not to record it because of copyright infringement stuff. But whatever, here is a short clip of it.



Day 1500 ( Heading For Spring Ting )
Friday, April 27, 2012

After work, I started packing for the Jamaican Spring Ting Event. I then left out at about 9:30 pm to head for a prefecture name Saitama, where I met up with 2 Japanese who both lived in Jamaica for 2 years.



Day 1501 ( Spring Ting 2012 )
Saturday, April 28, 2012

Me and the 2 Japanese that were living in Jamaica, left from Saitama prefecture at about 1:30 am this morning to head for Fukui prefecture. This took about 8 hours. I drove for about 2 hours out of the time. Its the end of April and snow is still on the mountains in a prefecture we drove through, known as Nagano.

The first major stop we made was at an area in Fukui known as Tojinbo. This area is said to have been formed about 12 - 13 million years ago by a volcano. It is also a famous area where many Japanese commit suicide. At least 25 unemployed men commit suicide at this very spot yearly.


We then stopped at this train station, known as Kowashouzu station in Fukui. This is actually the smallest station I have ever seen since living in Japan.

We finally got to the camp site at around 12:30 in the afternoon. We were then shown our rooms which was filled with lady bugs and stink bugs.

We then ate peas soup (A Jamaican specialty), did some self introduction stuff and played some random games. This was the first night and it was already fun. The Jamaicans were out numbered by non-Jamaicans. This is the first of the 7 years this has happened. And 12 nationalities were present. Americans, Trinidadians, Canadians, Haitian, Japanese, Israeli, Irish, English, South African, Jamaicans  - And those are the ones I can recall. In all around 45 of us.

There is normally a party on the last night. But the party started from the first night.

I also did a dub poem entitled "Spring ting" .... Here it is...

A Jamaican guy from Clarendon did some dancing and lead all of us in doing some Jamaican dances. Here is a video of that as well.

I am really happy that I came here, even though it is quite far away from any major city.



Thanks again for your comment Richard. I replied to it.


zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave - you have nuff fun at Spring Ting man - post late.

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