Days 753 - 759 <{ }> Sunday - Saturday, April 11- April 17, 2010

Days 753 - 759 <{ }> Sunday - Saturday, April 11- April 17, 2010

Day 753 { Visiting the Kingdom Hall }
Sunday, April 11, 2010

For the first time in my life, I visited a Jehovah witness hall. It was mostly out of curiosity though to hear what they had to say and also to meet new people. There were about 40 people in the congregation and they all seemed really happy to see me there. Almost all of them wanted to talk. At the end of the service, I was bombarded with questions from so many people.... Sometimes, I didn't quite get what they were saying though, but the basic questions were easy. Many of them were telling me that I should visit there regularly, but unfortunately that won't be possible...


Day 754 { Polish President Dies With Wife }
Monday, April 12, 2010

Had only 2 classes today then had to sit around for the remaining time... I then went to bible study in the night even though I was feeling a bit weak and tired.

The President of Poland, died at 60 today in a plane crash at a western Russia airport today. Among the 95 passengers killed were his wife Maria , top military officials, and the head of the national bank, according to CNN. Everyone on the plane was killed.

It is believed that the plane hit some trees at the end of the runway then crashed. Pieces of the plane were found in a wooded area, badly burned and even some upsidedown. The President and Polish officials were o
n their way to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the massacre of Polish prisoners of war in Katyn, a village where about 20,000 officers were executed during World War II.


Day 755 { } Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A foreigner from the US who is an high school student here in Niimi, did a presentation about Florida, at the Niimi College English conversation thing today. Another student from the high school, translated for him. The guy who did the translation is half Chinese / Half Japanese, and he spent a year in Canada.


Day 756 {}
Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Japanese friend of mine visited me with pizza and a pie today, just because we are friends :) .... This is so not normal but I welcome it nevertheless.
Started playing God Of War 3 for the PS3... And it is quite entertaining so far.

Day 757 {}
Thursday, April 15, 2010

Went to play football at the Niimi college today after about a 1 month break. It was fun again and the new students were surprised to see me there. I however, got tired after about 7 minutes of play which is not a good sign at all... They were many students there today, so much so that they had to split the gym in half to play both football and volleyball. As soon as I entered, the gym, there was this astonished set of students. I don't know know if it is because I am a foreigner or because they see me on TV... It could be one or both...

Even though I was exhausted after play at the college, because of my love for football, I went to play with my normal group afterwards.


Day 758 {}
Friday, April 16, 2010

After work, I went to karate today and introduced one of the new ALTs who want to start doing it as well. He looks kind of strange doing some of the introductory stuff but I know this was probably how I looked when I just started as well.

After karate, I rushed to play football again at the gym in the college..... I only played 1 match because of karate before..... I then went to the Friday English conversations thing.... So I effectively spent more than 15 hours on the road today.... I was of course extremely exhausted when I got back to my apartment.


Day 759 { Christian Conference In Okayama }
Saturday, April 17, 2010

Woke up at about 7:50 then my friend took me to Japanese classes. I gave my Japanese teacher a pen from Korea for her souvenir and she also gave me a souvenir from a prefecture name Kagoshima.

After Japanese class, I went to a restaurant with the same friend who dropped me to the Japanese class. Then she dropped me to the train station. I then went to a Christian conference for a while. I met up with some friends there and watched a few performances. There was this skipping (jump rope) group from Japan name J-trap that did a performance there.... I just realized that they are quite famous and even performed at half time at an NBA match before. They even have a website here

This is a brief clip of their performance....

I could clearly see that some of the persons at the conference did not quite appreciate this thing at all...

After this, I took one of the bullet trains (Shinkansen) to Hiroshima to visit a friend of mine... Normally it would take 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to Hiroshima from Okayama city but the shinkansen takes only 40 mins at twice the cost.


Stewart, if by chance you didn't get to read Dwayne's comment about the radicals stuff on my last blog, here it is...

hey Stewy, Radicals are like this.
Every Kanji that you "will" every see are either a radical or a kanji made up of 2 or more radicals.

This is a Kanji and a Radical "馬"
It's a Kanji by itself meaning "horse", but it's aslo a radical meaning "horse". Here it is combine with other Kanji's 馴,媽,驀.
These three kanji are mixed with the horse radicals. So you have.

1)馴 horse radical + river radical
2)媽 woman radical + horse radical
3)驀 grass,sun,big,horse "radicals"

Radicals can "sometimes" give you clues to a kanji meaning even if you never saw the kanji before. So when you think of a horse you might thing of these "meanings"
1)tamed馴 2)mare媽 3)forward驀

So there are 215 radicals in total, spend 3 months on nothing but hiragana, katakana and radicals, not kanji..Do this and then learning kanji after that "should" be alot more easier...

Mix and matching 215 radicals gives us 45,000 Kanji in China and about 8,000 kanji in Japan..
I hope that explanation wasn't too long Stewy.....


Stewy said…
That explanation was perfect... I... wanna learn these now...