Out with some Jamaicans

Days 1362 - 1368 ---
Sunday, December 11, 2011 - Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 1362 ( Jamaican Cake and Patties )
Sunday, December 11, 2011

I ordered a Jamaican Christmas/fruit cake and 3 patties from a friend of mine in an area of Japan name Nagoya. I visited her once 3 years ago in summer. I should have received the cake and patties yesterday but somehow I didn't get it. So I called the dispatch company and they said they got it but the box with the patties was partially destroyed. So basically they were afraid to give me the box that was a bit torn.

When I got the stuff, the box wasn't that badly messed up and the patties were quite fine by my estimate.

After I received the stuff, I went to have my favorite food in Japan, yaki tori (chicken on a stick), at a nearby restaurant.



Day 1363 ( New Chair / Famous Black man in Japan in Trouble )
Monday, December 12, 2011

I had only 4 classes today and again the principal sent me home. It seem they are finally getting more lenient. Or they realize it was really a waste of time having me sitting there doing nothing and knowing fully well that the other teachers aren't going to say a word to me.

I received my new chair today that I ordered from a company name Nitori on Saturday.

Famous Black man in Japan in Trouble

So there is this somewhat famous black American guy who comes on commercials for a telecommunications company in Japan name Softbank. He is now in a bit of hot water with the police.

News photo

Tokyo police said Monday they have turned over to prosecutors their case against actor/model Dante Carver, 34, a frequent character in Softbank Corp.'s mobile phone commercials, for allegedly driving with an invalid international driver's license.
Carver is known as "onii-chan" (elder brother) in the family that hawks its products in the TV commercials.
The police confirmed a Kyodo News report that officers from Meguro Police Station pulled the New Yorker over after he executed an illegal U-turn in Shibuya Ward on July 2. He then presented them with an international driver's license that they determined to be invalid under the Road Traffic Law.




Day 1364 
( No Rain No Work / Ostriches Wandering Around Fukushima No go zone )

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My school today had a marathon IN THE COLD!!! They asked me about 3 weeks ago if I wanted to go but I declined because I hate the cold. So they basically put me on standby and said if rain should fall, then I would have classes. But if no rain, then no classes. Luckily there was no rain so I stayed home.

Ostriches Wandering Around Fukushima No go zone

The agriculture ministry is trying to round up more than 10 ostriches that ran off from a farm in the 20-km exclusion zone around the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant.
News photo

The wayward birds are wandering around evacuated residential areas in the no-go zone.
Officials plan to soon start reassessing the evacuation area and may allow some residents to return home on a permanent basis. To ease their concerns in advance, the ministry started trying to catch the large birds in October, managing to bag two of them so far.
The farm where they came from, located in the town of Okuma, had about 30 ostriches before the March 11 quake-tsunami disaster crippled the nuclear plant.
More than 10 are believed still alive.
The ostriches have been seen by residents when they have been allowed brief visits to their homes.
Ministry officials are trying to catch the birds by luring them with food and then covering their eyes with blinders.



Day 1365 ( Comfort Women Statue in South Korea  )
Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nothing special today. Just went to work and did evening conversation.

Comfort Women statue 

This is going to cause further trouble between Japan and South Korea but South Korea don't seem to care about that. My issue is that, the war is over years now, Japan lost, and as far as I know, they apologized for what they did. Why is the issue still being pressed?

Any way this is how it started....

During the Second World War, 200,000 women between the ages of 11 and 25 were drafted as sex slaves in ‘comfort stations’ where they were victims of coercion, rape and abuse day and night. 

Even after Korean independence, some were left in such stations because of prejudice and neglect by their own government.

Of the 234 registered former comfort women, more than two thrids have already passed away without having their last will fulfilled, which was to see the Japanese government make a sincere apology.


A monument to South Korean females forced into sexual slavery during the war was set up in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul on Wednesday despite protests by Tokyo.

The so-called Peace Monument was unveiled on the occasion of the 1,000th weekly demonstration by the now-elderly women and their supporters calling for an apology and compensation from the Japanese government.
The protest rally has been held outside the mission every Wednesday since 1992, organized by the Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan, a group of former sex slaves euphemistically called "comfort women."
The monument, which consists of a statue of a teenage Korean girl in traditional costume and was reportedly erected with about $32,000 worth of donations, will become a permanent protest site.
Five former South Korean comfort women and several hundred supporters attended the rally, with riot police standing guard around the protest site.




Day 1366 
( Kancho / Norman Manley Law School Defeats Yale in Debating Competition )
Thursday, December 15, 2011

After work today I went to my final company meeting of 2011. It was the same usual thing where someone gives a presentation and solicit feedback from the persons in the meeting. I made a comment about how getting angry and snapping at the children after being "Kanchoed" ( getting poked in the ass or balls ) can cause some trouble. This is not something we are used to in the west or any other country for that matter. So we may just snap at the children. but when we snap, the child might shut down for the rest of the time we are teaching. We don't really want that either. But it is still better than being poked constantly. They advised us to tell the teacher and let the teacher deal with the student.

After the meeting, I went to a TGIF restaurant along with 3 other Jamaicans and 2 others from the UK. We chatted and had a good time. This was the first in a long while I was meeting up with some Jamaicans and having good food and fun.

Norman Manley Law School Defeats Yale

I learned that the law school in Jamaica ( Norman Manley Law School ) defeated the great Yale in a debate. So I was searching the entire web to find the news. I was specifically searching for foreign based articles with the news. I only found articles from Caribbean based news papers. Maybe the US is not too pleased about it. If you find even one article outside of the Caribbean, please send the link to me.

THE Norman Manley Law School retained its World Human Rights Moot Court title last week, with victory over the famed and highly respected Yale University of the United States in the final held in Pretoria, South Africa.
Last year, Norman Manley, led by top oralist Merrick Watson, a former Kingston College cricketer, beat the world by taking the title over Sydney University of Australia.
WORLD CHAMPS: The victorious Norman Manley Law School World Human Rights Moot Court champions (from left) Love Odih, Leslie Mendez and Jermaine Case.

Now, the Jamaica-based law school stayed on top of the competition, organised by the Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria, and the United Nations Office of Human Rights, and which saw three selected law schools from each of the United Nations regions in the semifinal round of the competition.
“I am ecstatic that Norman Manley has once again brought home the World Human Rights title,” said principal of the law school, Professor Stephen Vasciannie.




Day 1367
Friday, December 16, 2011

Left work early again then went to a bank to lodge some money. I am planning to visit Jamaica next Summer. And possibly visit China in March/April next year.



Day 1368 ( Playstation Vita is Out)
Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stayed in most of the day. But briefly went to the convenient store to get a ticket to travel to Kyoto. I am planning to go to the southern most part of Japan known as Okinawa for my winter vacation.

Playstation Vita hits the market in Japan

News photo

Sony's long-awaited PlayStation Vita hits stores in Japan on Saturday, with the company predicting brisk sales of the portable game machine even though its launch has missed much of the holiday shopping season.
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. President Andrew House told reporters Thursday that prelaunch orders had exceeded the allocation made for those keenest to get their hands on the device "extremely quickly." He declined to reveal numbers.
The PS Vita goes on sale in North America and Europe on Feb. 22.
Enthusiasm for the new machine among gamers could lead to some shortages at first, House said. But he said Sony can handle the load.
"I'm pretty confident . . . that there will not be major challenges in meeting demand, even though there may be short-term," House said.
For the Tokyo-based electronics and entertainment giant, the Vita is the biggest product launch since the PlayStation 3 home console five years ago.
A successful debut would help Sony offset the rest of its struggling business. It projects a loss of more than $1 billion for the fiscal year through next March. That would be its fourth consecutive annual loss.
The next-generation device has a touch-screen interface and motion sensors that Sony hopes will make it a strong successor to the PlayStation Portable. Gamers can connect over cellphone networks and Wi-Fi hot spots, and use GPS location-tracking technology.
The Vita has front and back cameras, a touchscreen in front, a touch pad on the back and two knoblike joysticks. The handheld will also allow gamers to play against each other using PlayStation 3 consoles over the Internet-based PlayStation Network, which was hacked into earlier this year.



Dave - trying to understand what you said about you going to school being dependent on rain.

You said - if rain falls - you have to go to school.
If it doesn't, you stay home....how that work?