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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Japanese Resilience

Days 1425 - 1431
Sunday, February 12 - Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 1425 (Japanese Resilience)
Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stayed in all day.


Japanese Resilience 

I saw this article and thought it was worth sharing. In just 11 months you can see some of the major reconstruction efforts done after the big earthquake in March 11, 2011. My dad's house was knocked down by Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and its still probably just there. Any thats his fault I believe.

Japan’s Reconstruction Agency will be inaugurated Friday, almost 11 months after an earthquake and tsunami devastated the country. The agency will streamline the process to help municipalities, set up special reconstruction zones and provide subsidies for disaster-hit local governments.
This combination of pictures shows a catamaran sightseeing boat washed by the tsunami onto a two-storey tourist home in Otsuchi, Iwate prefecture on April 16, 2011 (top) and the same area on January 16, 2012 (bottom).
245 — Cost in billions of dollars of the post disaster reconstruction package.
15,846 — Number of dead.
3,320 — People still missing.
2 — Number of missing people found dead this year.
240 — Number of orphans in the three most severely affected prefectures, Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima.
16 — Million tons of disaster waste in Miyagi Prefecture, one of the hardest hit areas of Japan.
2.4 — Drop in millions of tourists to Japan in 2011 from a year previously.
6 — Approximate months lost in the average life expectancy for a Japanese woman following the disasters, down from 86.4 years in 2010 to 85.9 in 2011.
3 — Approximate months lost in the average life expectancy for a Japanese man, down from 79.5 years in 2010 to 79.27 in 2011.




Day 1426 (Course Complete/Fatal Shooting)
Monday, February 13, 2012

Usual day at work. Finally submitted my last paper for the course that I am doing. So I'm just waiting for the results now. I went to bed at 4 am this morning completing the course.


You almost never hear of incidents like this in Japan. In Jamaica however, no comments!!!

Mobster dead in eatery shooting

An apparently underworld member gunned down another yakuza in a crowded Denny's eatery in Togane, Chiba Prefecture, and then fled, police said.

The shooter, thought to be a gangster in his 60s, remains at large. The victim, Yoshiaki Furukawa, 62, from Kujyukuri, also apparently a yakuza, was shot in the chest. The gunman fled by car from the Denny's Togane Bypass outlet at around 10:05 a.m.
Police, who suspect the killing stemmed from money troubles, set up checkpoints on key routes.
Furukawa entered the Denny's with four others at 8:45 a.m. He started talking with the gunman, who came in shortly before 10 a.m., at another table near the door before he was shot.


The Japan Police thinks they know who did the shooting.

Police continued their manhunt Tuesday for a 65-year-old man wanted in the fatal shooting the previous day of a 62-year-old man in a restaurant in Togane, Chiba Prefecture.
Witnesses said Chong Yong Bom, who also goes by the Japanese name Tomio Ishikawa, fled with the gun after shooting Yoshiaki Furukawa at around 10:05 a.m. at a Denny's restaurant, according to the police.

And look at the dude who they suspect.




Day 1427 (Happy Valentine's Day)
Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Took another day from work today, mainly because I was tired from staying up all night completing my final paper for my course. But also because I was sneezing like crazy.

Got a pair of leather gloves today. :) I also went out in the evening to Shibuya at an Italian style restaurant.



Day 1428 ( Radiation Machine / Japanese  Point Cards)
Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Worked like normal today. The vice principal showed me today that the Board of Education gave every school a radiation checking device. So she checked the radiation level around her desk area, and it was a very very low reading she said.


Japanese Point cards

I am unsure of anywhere else in the world where almost every shop, pharmacy, restaurant or retail business have a point card. Check out a couple of the cards that I walk around with on a daily basis. I have a special pouch that I keep some in, while others I keep in my wallet.



Day 1429 ( Cheap Flights )
Thursday, February 16, 2012

2 members from the Board of Education came to view my class today. It was more of a school inspection rather than a English class inspection.

I found out about this website where you can book cheap flights within Asia. But you have to use a credit card. Its called Air Asia.




Day 1430 ( Hit the Clubs )
Friday, February 17, 2012

Met a friend of mine who went to my university and now living in China. He is visiting for a short while. So I met him in Yokohama then we rushed to Shibuya to go to the Jamaican restaurant to meet up with some other friends.

After we left the restaurant, we went to a club in the night.




Day 1431 ( Meeting Friends/In Time )
Saturday, February 18, 2012

Went out with my friend to meet up with a Jamaican girl who was on my facebook friends list for the longest while, but just meeting her in person today. There are a few persons like this on my facebook friends list actually. We ate at a fast food restaurant name Moss Burger, then I ran to a part of Tokyo name Ikebukuro to meet an old friend of mine. He introduced me to the whole Jamaica Baptist Union Youth department thing back in 2002. Wow 10 years ago. He is now living in Bermuda and working as a director in the central bank there. He came to Japan on a business trip.

We then went to see a movie name "In Time" starring Justin Timberlake. The concept was interesting and the action wasn't too bad. But some of the acting was a bit off in my estimate and something was missing and a bit too predictable. It had the potential of being a great film however. I give it 6/10


zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Those before and after pictures are interesting....there should be an "after cleanup" picture as well.

I know that guy in the pic - didn't he go to Utech too? (the guy in the red sweater in 1st pic/leather jacket in 2nd pic)

davay colly said...

Yeah Richard him did come Utech. Is him mi seh get the scholarship fi study inna China. We were 2 years ahead of him.