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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Things NOT to do in Japan

Days 1488 - 1494
Sunday, April 15 - Saturday, April 21, 2012 

Day 1488 ( One Piece Museum )
Sunday, April 15, 2012

Went to Roppongi in Tokyo today to check out this museum that a friend of mine told me about. It is a temporary museum with stuff about my current favourite Japanese animation, One Piece. At this museum, they showed the progress of One piece from its beginnings in 1997 until now. The story gets more and more interesting as time progresses. They also showed us some information about the creator of one piece, Oda Eiichiro as well as random clips from the anime.

I got the information and the pictures from the site below.

 From March 20th, 2012 to June 17th, 2012 Mari Arts Canter Gallery, Roppongi Hills , Tokyo. 2000 yen to get in for an adult.
The exhibition, which marks the 15th year since the manga was first published, was creadted under the supervision of the priginal creater, Eiichiro Oda himself —- guaranteeing that the world of ONE PIECE is accurately and uncompromisingly displayed. It’s also one of the largest , ever, with the exhibition spanning the entire 52th floor of Roppongi hills.


After looking around the museum for about 2 hours, I bought some One piece merchandise.



Day 1489 ( First Day 2012-2013 / Things NOT to do in Japan )
Monday, April 16, 2012

First Day 2012-2013

Today was my first day of work for this school year (2012-2013). I had 5 classes and had to do a speech for coming back. All I said in Japanese was "I am happy about coming to this school again. Please treat me well this year also."


Things NOT to do in Japan

This list of things NOT to do in Japan is not exhaustive but are simply the ones I can think of now. There are many more taboos.

Don't - Make too much noise in your apartment

I occasionally do this while either talking with friends on the phone or in person. Sometimes while playing Modern Warfare as well. At times I will hear a knock on the wall from the neighbors. This is not good though, because I can get kicked out of your apartment quite easily, especially because I am a foreigner.

To be honest though, foreigners have a nasty reputation where noisy apartments are concerned in Japan.

Don't - Talk on cell phone in trains

This is considered bad manners. Some people still do it but at the risk of people staring them down, whether Japanese or foreigner. This thing has been stomped in my mind so deeply that when I was in Malaysia and Singapore, I didn't even bother to turn on my phone while in the trains. I think this has something to do with the elderly Japanese and their pace makers, and the cell phone possibly can mess up their pace maker.

Don't - Call to "SOME" of your students/team teachers out of work

If you don't want to be embarrassed, then when you see a student/former student and some teachers you know, then just keep your head straight and go about your business. Some will call to you but others.... They will totally ignore you.

This has happened to me quite a few times where your students/former students and some time teachers act like they don't have a clue who you are in the supermarket. Even this morning I saw some of my favourite students from last year (now in Jr. High ), who I would jump around and have fun with, all turning their heads away from me when I tried to wave to them. It of course broke my heart but what to do? This is Japan!! I have to keep reminding myself. Again it is not all of them who are like this, just quite a few.

Don't - Wear your outside shoes, inside someone's apartment/house

Even schools and some other places have special slippers for inside. Other persons have their special inside shoes or slippers. I am not quite sure where this practice came from. I think it has something to do with keeping the inside clean and or respecting the building.

NEVER - Say or hint to Japanese people that they resemble Chinese or Koreans

Even though we still can't really tell them apart, DO NOT under any circumstance even hint to a Japanese that they resemble a Korean or even worst a Chinese. Well that is if you want to be friends with them. Every time I say to a Japanese person that many Japanese think I am African, but we in Jamaica think they are Chinese, the air suddenly becomes uncomfortably silent. A few are open to it but the vast majority aren't.

Don't - try to stop a fight if you happen to see one

If you do, the possibility exist that you and the fighters are going to go to jail. And if you can't speak Japanese, then you are in big trouble.

Try not to leave food in your plates

The custom here is to eat every grain of rice and every piece of vegetable or meat given to you. You are excused only if you are allergic to something or if you indicated earlier that you don't like a particular food.

Don't - Ever Ever Drink and Drive

If you do this you will probably be deported or at least go to jail. If you are lucky, you may get off. There is a 0% tolerance for drinking and driving here, even drinking and riding is a crime.

Don't - stick Chop Sticks in the rice

This indicates that the food is for a dead person.

Don't - pass your food from chop stick to Chop Stick

This is also a funeral custom where cremated bones of a family member are passed down from one person to another using a chop stick.

Don't - Be late

We Jamaicans have a very bad reputation where this is concerned. But in Japan, we have to try our best to be early.. Not even on-time is acceptable. EARLY!!



Day 1490 ( The Hit list / Triple murderer Gets Death Sentence ) 
Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Played some games after work today then watched a movie called the hit list. The story was strange and seemed unlikely. The acting was mediocre to bad. It was also a bit predictable. So I didn't really like it. I give it a 4.5/10. While watching the movie, I was actually rearranging my apartment. I switched where the bed used to be as well as some other stuff.

Maybe the woman below would have been a better actor for the hit list movie.

Triple boyfriend killer handed death sentence

A woman accused of killing three of her lovers was sentenced to death Friday in a high-profile lay judge trial that was based solely on circumstantial evidence.

The Saitama District Court ruled that Kanae Kijima, 37, killed the three men in 2009 and attempted to disguise their deaths as suicides.
In handing down the sentence to Kijima, the presiding judge, Kazuyuki Okuma, said: "The defendant repeatedly committed quite serious crimes that claimed the lives of three people.
"There is no room for leniency because the defendant committed the crimes for selfish purposes," he said. "She repeated irrational excuses in court and did not show any remorse."
Takao Terada, 53, and Kenzo Ando, 80, were found dead at their homes in suburban Tokyo and Chiba Prefecture, while 41-year-old Yoshiyuki Oide's body was discovered in a rented car in Saitama Prefecture.



Day 1491 ( Man Climb Mountains For almost 10,000 Days )
Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spoke with my evening student today mostly about my trip to Malaysia and Singapore.

Spirituality drove Man to scale mountains for 9,738 consecutive days

A photo exhibition celebrating a Mie Prefecture man who climbed mountains for nearly 10,000 days straight, and who only stopped because he died last year, opened earlier this month at the Mont-Bell outdoor and climbing goods store in Nagoya.

Narao Higashiura, who lived in Ise, set off on his epic challenge at age 59 but passed away at the end of 2011 at age 86. While he was ultimately forced to abandon his quest last June — only 262 days short of his goal — he set a new record by scaling peaks for 9,738 days in a row, or 27 years straight.
Higashiura retired from a printing company in 1984 and was profoundly influenced by the Buddhist Tendai sect's extremely grueling, 1,000-day circumambulation, one of its hardest programs.
Higashiura embarked on his 10,000-day challenge in 1984 and hiked daily up mountains for the following 27 years, mostly in the Ise area, although he would sometimes travel to Mount Fuji.




Day 1492 ( Stupid Officer Arrested For Licking Hair??? )
Thursday, April 19, 2012

I was to come on TV today with about 50 other foreigners. But apparently it is next week. I'm still not sure though. I waited up for the show but it was actually 50 famous persons in Japan.

Officer arrested for licking woman's hair

A policeman has been arrested for licking a woman's hair in a restaurant, police said Thursday.
Fellow officers detained forensics specialist Tatsuya Ichikawa, 50, at a fast-food joint after he was spotted tonguing the locks of an unsuspecting 25-year-old woman in Shizuoka Prefecture.
"I wanted to lick so I did," Ichikawa reportedly told police.
A spokesman for Shizuoka Prefectural Police confirmed Ichikawa's arrest, adding that he was on medical leave at the time and did not specialize in the analysis of human hair.




Day 1493 ( )
Friday, April 20, 2012 ( 4 Years 1 Month )

Had only 4 classes today which ended at about 12. But I stayed until 3 because the principal didn't send me home. After work I again played loads of Modern Warfare.



Day 1494 ( 2nd Day at the YMCA )
Saturday, April 21, 2012

Today was my second time at the YMCA. The first 2 classes went well but there is a third class with some kids ages 2-3. Oh boy. Those who aren't running all over the place, are crying for their moms who are just outside. This is going to be a challenging one I think...


zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave, there is an error in the blog under "Things not to do in Japan". You have a section titled "Try not to leave your plates empty" but in that section you state that you must try eat every single thing on the plate.

Again, i love your blog and give nuff ratings for keeping it going all this time. Feel like me in Japan. You must hear me talk to people about Japan as if me knowledgeable but all my knowledge comes from your experiences.

davay colly said...

Thanks for the encouragement mi bredrin and thanks for keeping up-to-date with my happenings.

Corrected the mistake... Rispek again mi bredrin.

tifffany_keep_going said...

how about taking away the food that I cannot finish? is it an acceptable practice in japan??

davay colly said...

No no. Finish everything. Some places don't have a problem though.