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Monday, August 5, 2013

Last Day in Singapore / Jamaican Men Not to Date lol

Japanese sentence of the week : - sou kamo shirenai / そうかもしれない/ I think so / Maybe so

Days 1950 - 1956
Sunday, July 21 - 27, 2013

Sorry again readers, I think this blog may be a long one as well.

Day 1950 ( Last Day Of Singapore - BWA Youth Conference )
Sunday, July 21, 2013

Went to the final service of the conference. Took pictures with several participants. Didn't get to say my final good bye to all the Jamaicans, only a few of them.

New friends from South Africa and Germany

Justin Bieber?? No another One piece fan

South African Delegation ... Loved their vibe

From Myanmar
After the picture taking and stuff, I went to an ADIDAS shop with some new Filipino friends who I went on the boat trip with last week. There was a Filipino worker in there that decided to help us get a 40% discount. So I bought an ADIDAS beach slipper, because its SUMMER!!


Afterwards I walked around for over 8 hours with my Swiss friends. We spent a good portion of the time in "little India" an area of Singapore where if you go there, you will think its India. All you see are Indian people (95% which are men) and the place doesn't look like the other parts of Singapore at all. Garbage everywhere and somewhat dirty looking with shops abundantly visible. You would think that you are in a poor South East Asian country, until you look at the price of the stuff. Most things there are cheaper than the norm by Singapore standards though to be fair.

One of the Swiss girls is a Pharmacist so she is always venturing into pharmacies. So we went into a dodgy looking herbal medicine like store. An Indian guy then came out and told one of the girls that he could look in their eyes, run some random tests and see if they have any form of illness. I was of course extremely skeptical, as I am always. But the pharmacist girl wanted to see what manner of trickery this guy is possibly up to. So he lifted her hand, look into her yes and did some other random stuff. He deduced that she has back trouble, she needs to take care of her stomach plus do some more exercises.

They call this practice "eastern medicine". The pharmacist said she knows about it and that it is very expensive to try in Switzerland. It was time now for the other girl. After he did his lifting hand thing and what not, he deduced that she has heart trouble and I think breathing problems... I don't remember exactly what else. In any case, he was right about both girls for the most part. And he recommend some herbal medicine that he conveniently had??? I don't know...

I was still skeptical but because the 2 Swiss girls said their diagnoses were correct, I decided to try... It only cost a mere US$10!!!!  He looked into my eyes, my mouth, checked my neck, lifted my hands then said:

You are weak .... you need to exercise more (Haven't exercised seriously since December)

You can get diabetes easily, you need to eat less sugar and more vegetables (both my parents are diabetics)

Your liver need detoxing!!! (........)

You can't get fat. All the food is not being flushed properly from your large intestine. And it is causing toxic stuff to build up in your liver. (........)

Cut off red meat. Eat lots of chicken, vegetables and wheat stuff. (........)

But, your lungs and your heart are fine. And I have just the thing for you!!! (........)

A wheat grass, herbal medicine that will detox your liver and make your skin healthy etc etc.. take it with lots of water. (........)

By the way, your aura is all messed up... you need to bathe with some salt!!! (WHAT!!!)

He didn't have the salt so he said I should buy it and use it when I return to Japan. But wow!!! I've never done anything like this before...

After this, we had some Indian food.

We got lots of food for very cheap. We continued walking around and I bought a sun glasses as well as a pair of jeans. We couldn't help but notice while walking....A group of about 70 men, bundled up in front of a store. I initially thought it was lottery tickets. But when we peeked inside the store, we saw some very beautiful scantily dressed Asian females... So I guess you know what's up... Well I'm not really sure !!! I I I'm here on a Christian conference.....

I parted with the Swiss party at around 11:45pm. Then took a taxi back to my hotel where I packed up to leave tomorrow morning.

Here is a video clip of what the conference was like...



Day 1951 ( Heading Back to Japan )
Monday, July 22, 2013

Spent the entire day traveling like this.

Singapore Leg

Left from Big hotel at 9:30 am and took a taxi to the airport. As soon as I cleared customs, I had to run to catch the flight. The last 10 or so persons were boarding the plane... :))

Malaysia Leg

It took 1 hour to get to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Walked around a bit there then had to go through inspection AGAIN!! The customs dude was looking at my passport weird again but at least this one was more friendly. He said I lost weight since I took my last passport pic....which was in 2005. I asked him why is it that they always stop me in Malaysia????? ... His excuse was that its the Japanese government want to make sure that foreigners don't sneak into Japan illegally. However, they stopped me when I was going to Singapore as well!!!! Is it the same thing?

Anyway, I took a 2:45 pm flight to Japan. It took about 8 hrs with some turbulence. During the 8 hours, I spoke quite a bit to a Japanese lady who is married to a Malaysian and living in Malaysia. She was heading for some sort of church camp in Nagano.

Japan Leg

Got to Japan with no hassle. The plane landed at around 11pm. I got out of immigration speedily and was on my way home. All the immigration guy asked was, "why do you come to Japan?" My answer was "I live here !!" And he didn't even check my bags. I got back to my apartment at around 12:20am Tuesday morning.



Day 1952 ( Yokohama Marinos Defeat Manchester United???? )
Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Woke up really tired this morning and started taking the wheat grass medicine thing. I should take it once in the morning then once before going to bed on hungry stomach. Later in the evening, I had to attend to my Tuesday evening classes. It is much easier to go to these classes when I'm not on summer break.


Marinos snatch victory from Manchester United

Manchester United stumbled to a 3-2 defeat against Japan's Yokohama Marinos on Tuesday in their second loss in three games under new manager David Moyes.

The English champions fell behind in the very first minute but recovered to lead 2-1 heading into the second half, thanks to Jesse Lindgard's strike and a Yokohama own goal.

However, Fabio Aguiar levelled the scores, before Yoshihito Fujita's winner three minutes from time removed further gloss from United's pre-season Asian tour.

So far under Moyes, United has lost 1-0 in Bangkok and won 5-1 in Melbourne.
United got off to a horror start in hot and humid conditions in Yokohama.

The game was just a minute old when Brazilian striker Marquinhos latched on to a poor clearance from United custodian David de Gea and put the hosts ahead with a goal from inside the box.
The setback stung the Premier League champions and talented Belgian teen Adnan Januzaj nearly put them level with a crisp strike which was just off-target.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/sport/football/man-united-humbled-by-yokohama-marinos-20130723-2qhuk.html#ixzz2b0lHSKSq



Day 1953 ( Jamaican Men Not To Date / Bolt Wins in Diamond League )
Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rain fell for most of the day... But I still had to rush to my evening class again, because I missed a class 2 weeks ago.


Found this articles recently about Jamaican men who ladies should just leave alone.

11 of the worst professional men you could date (in Jamaica)

 In every other magazine a few years ago, one could get salacious details of athlete Tiger Woods' affairs with numerous women, affairs which eventually led to his divorce. And poll any Jamaican entertainer, and you're bound to find that most have sired several kids — some over a dozen — with different women. It is, for them, par for the course as entertainers.

Many women will tell you that they'd never date men in certain professions; the two above are often listed among the worst. They'll tell you that dating these men is setting yourself up for heartbreak, as they are known, for the most part, for being unable to resist temptation from the many women they'll come into contact with because of their jobs.

Below, we've compiled a list of non-date-able professional men based on reader responses.
1. Police officers
Whether it's the stress of the job, the power getting to their heads from slinging guns, or being in a position of power and authority, why policemen top this list is still a mystery. But just about every woman questioned believe police officers are the worst professional men to date.
"Each parish he is transferred to he will have a family or a woman, even if he already has wife and children," one woman declared. "They throw themselves around. Some will tell you that women throw themselves at them but they are surely not resisting."
2. Soldiers
Many women will tell you that they can't resist men in uniform. Many army men don't seem to be able to resist the women either. "Many women are into men in uniform and who better to look at than a soldier? Most of them look damn good," one woman said. "You have the idea that he is a man who can bring some safety and security to your life, but soldiers will get involved with any and everybody. They are heartbreakers."
3. Artistes/entertainers/DJs
There's no need to ask why — groupies will be plentiful and not many men can resist.
"Listen to the very songs that many of them sing," one woman said. "What does that tell you? They have no respect for women and women mean nothing to them. Women are just trophies to show off in public. It is even worse if they are very popular. Stay far from them — unless you are into pain."
4. Taxi/bus (any kind of) drivers
"They will get involved with every woman or schoolgirl who take their vehicles," Andrea T said. "Taxi and bus drivers are partial to none!"
5. Athletes
"If they are good at what they do, whether they look good or not, they will give bun!" Marcia said. "Look out for the ones who travel all over the world to meets. Good looking women will be everywhere! These men are a no-no."
6. Coaches, model scouts, models and trainers
Many women are of the view that coaches, model scouts, models and trainers are among the worst men to date because they see many beautiful, fit women daily. The coaches and trainers will see women in their finest athletic form, and the models and scouts will have their fill of beautiful, young women at every turn.
"And he'll tell you it's all work, and you won't be able to do anything about it," Janice G said. "On top of that some of these girls are so beautiful that you pale in comparison, so you know it will just kill your self-esteem right there."
7. Politicians
One reason — they are very good liars and can charm and weasel themselves into women's lives, then deny, deny, deny when you catch them in the act.
8. Pilots
The stress of being airborne for hours will more than likely see pilots seeking stress-breakers in the arms of women in just about any country they land. "And you ever notice how most of them look? Hotness is like a criteria for the job," Shelly-Ann declared. "Not to mention those attractive air hostesses that they have to spend so much time with..."
9. Salesmen (car, insurance...)
These men are smooth talkers who can get you to do anything. "Any man who comes in contact with a lot of women, avoid him," one woman said. "Any man who can convince you to buy insurance when you have no money can convince you to do other things too."
10. Utility contractors
Many stories have been told of contractors going into homes and inviting women out or offering not to disconnect electricity or water if they give them 'something' in return.
"I personally had this experience more than once," Debby said.
These men are the typical strapping blue collar types that many women go ga-ga for. Who can resist bulging muscles and a man who knows how to fix things?
11. Security guards
"Everybody knows the reputation of security guards, they will approach everybody, just like the policemen,"



Bolt runs 9.85 in London 100

Usain Bolt returned to the site of his last Olympic triumph, winning the 100 meters at the Anniversary Games on Friday in his best time this season after recovering from a slow start.

The world’s fastest man failed to leave the blocks promptly but powered through the field at the Diamond League meet. He finished in 9.85 seconds at the stadium where he won three gold medals at last year’s London Games.

Bolt, who holds the world record in the 100 and 200, is looking to do even better at the IAAF World Athletics Championships in Moscow next month.




Day 1954 ( YMCA Cheap Outing Day 1 - Aquarium Aburatsubo in Misakiguchi )
Thursday, July 25, 2013

I am doing part time jobs now. Which means summer will be terrible financially. Well not summer but actually the end of summer. So any job I get, I will take....Hence I ended up taking a very cheap YMCA job for 3 days this week starting today. The pay??? 4000 yen (US $40) for 7 hrs ( 10:00 am - 5:00 pm ). What's the job? Go to different places with some kids, AKA baby sitting of sorts. The job is insanely cheap... but it beats getting $0 doing absolutely nothing right?

The first day was to go to the suizokukan (aquarium) with 7 kids. Ages between 5 - 8. Six girls and one boy. The boy has the energy of the six girls put together.

My YMCA Boss

Disgusting sea cucumbers....Slimy and nasty

We went inside to look at some more sea creatures...

We then saw a dolphin and seal show!!! It was very interesting.

Here is a video I took of it. The seal plays the piano thing to the tune of.. Its a small world after all. While the dolphins sing!!! seriously!!! Check it out....

We then went by the beach to eat and I read a story to the kids.

Before you know it, 7 hours went by without me even noticing. It was fun. But a bit tiring at the same time. While going back from the aquarium, there was a sign that says, the picture below is one of the top 50 views in Kanagawa prefecture.... Really!!!!

Top 50 ???
Some bush, likkle gully wata an some boat?



Day 1955 ( YMCA Cheap Outing Day 2 - Recycle Center in Yokosuka)
Friday, July 26, 2013

Looks like a mansion but its a recycle center
Had to wake up early again to go out with the kids. 7 hours for 4000 yen..... The things I have to do now to make a little money in the summer. When we got to the recycle place in Yokosuka, a very talkative lady came to explain to us the process of recycling stuff. Not everything is recycled, actually most of the garbage is burned. After the garbage truck deliver the garbage, based on the type of garbage, be it plastic, food or what not, they are sent to different locations. The first location we went was here....

Everything you see in the pictures above will be burned.

The tour/talkative lady then took us to the metal and glass area to explain what happens there. She explained that there is a certain way to pack cans to make it easier for recycling. and that clear glass bottles as well as brown ones are recycled to make other bottles similar to them. While bottles of other colors will be used on the roads with asphalt.

She also explained that pet bottles can be recycled to eventually be used to make clothes. Some of these clothes have an "e" on the sleeve. The "e" stands for eco mark.



Today was informative but boring at the same time. I was falling asleep.

Talkative lady to the extreme right

We then went back to the YMCA building and did a random performance in front of the parents. I just jump around with the kids to the delight of the parents. The THINGS I DO HERE!!!!!


I then left and went to Hayama, on the beach side to watch some live performances. It is that time in summer when almost every night there is a live session of sorts under some sheds by the beach. Cozy and a nice place to just relax and enjoy a drink with friends.

Like my friend here ....

And my friends here....

Long day... And tomorrow will be similar.



Day 1955 ( YMCA Cheap Outing Day 3 - Shonan Kids Culture Park )
Saturday, July 27, 2013

My goodness look at her..... um ehm ...

Yes its time for the kids to get loose... And time for me to stop them from getting out of control. Several times they had to request my special support with the lone male kid. He was too much. The main activity for today was to make insects using tape. I was falling asleep but then I attempted to do it myself and it was actually fun trying to create it. This is what I did..... It should be a mantis but it looks more like a grass hopper.

The good thing about this cheap job is that I get free lunch and I get to see another part of Kanagawa prefecture, outside of the usual Yokohama, for free also.

Kawaiiii / Cute

Its the last day... and I'm not in anyway sad or emotional. I realize recently that I'm not so emotional as when I just got to Japan. As though I got immune to meeting and leaving people. It was interesting even though cheap.


After this, I went to the nightly beach side thing in Hayama. The area is called Morito no hama. Tonight a guy known as rankin taxi performed. He is basically the god of reggae music in Japan.

This guy is 60!!!

Still rocking my YMCA shirt you know

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