Most Viewed Blog Postings of 2013 / 6 Best Cheap Frozen Japanese Foods

Days 2108 - 2114
Thursday, December 26 - Wednesday, January 1, 2014  


Happy New Year !!!!

Peace, Blessings and Prosperity for 2014 and Beyond 

Last week went by like it didn't happen !!!

Day 2108 ( Best Japanese Frozen Foods )
Thursday, December 26, 2013

Had to work again at the YMCA. Same 2 classes, eat lunch, then leave. Later on I paid my credit card bill then sent some money to my dad for his Christmas/birthday present. He apparently had me when he was 51 years old, maybe that is why I maybe a bit off at times :) don't blame me!


The 6 best frozen foods at a Japanese grocery store

Have you taken a look in your freezer lately? Has that carton of ice cream from last summer grown into an ice fortress yet? What about that mean-looking freezer burn on that mystery meat? Maybe it is time to clean out the chiller and fill it up with some surprisingly yummy frozen foods from your local Japanese grocery store.
While this is far from world-class gourmet dining, the following six foods will definitely make your stomach happy on a night when pushing the microwave’s “start” button is all the cooking you want to do. Click below to find out which Japanese frozen foods are worth your hard-earned yen.
We scoured cold freezer sections of Japanese grocery stores to find the best frozen food for our dear readers. After settling on the six most delicious, we then rated the products in two categories: taste and value. We then gave each food item two ratings in each category from a total of five stars.
No. 6: 12 pack of gyoza (Chinese dumplings) from Ajinomoto
In the world of frozen groza, Ajinomoto is king. These dumplings can be made without any water or oil whatsoever, meaning you won’t have to deal with the soggy and oily gyoza if your cooking is a little off. This is an especially good buy for people who live on their own since the package can easily be split into two, making for a more reasonable 6-dumpling portion.
Price: around 200 yen
Taste: ☆☆☆
Value: ☆☆☆
No. 5: Soft and Juicy Fried Chicken from Ajinomoto

Coming in fifth place is Ajinomoto’s delicious Japanese-style fried chicken. Now, we acknowledge that there is certainly cheaper fried chicken in the freezer section, but this brand uses only Thai chicken, which is usually of slightly higher quality than other imported poultry. You can trust the wording on this package because this is truly the juiciest fried chicken ever to come out of your freezer. It also comes with a sachet of sauce that is a great accompaniment to the flavor of the chicken.
Price: around 350 yen
Taste: ☆☆☆☆
Value: ☆☆☆
No. 4: 10-pack of grilled onigiri rice balls from Nichirei

These delicious rice balls are grilled with soy sauce and are probably one of the most economical snacks in the freezer section, coming in at just 30 yen each. Since you can pop one rice ball at a time into the microwave, they make the perfect (and consistently yummy) snack for in between meals.
Price: around 300 yen
Taste: ☆☆☆
Value: ☆☆☆☆
No. 3: Spa’s Premium Big Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and Fried Eggplant from Nissin Foods
Weighing in at a whopping 370 grams, this 200 yen chilled pasta is probably the best value in the freezer section and it can easily fill up even the most hungry eater. The taste is pretty much par for any comparable ready-made pasta from a convenience store. There are also other flavors available, like Neapolitan or mentaiko cod roe, but the portions are a little smaller. Definitely one to have on standby for emergencies and lazy weeknights.
Price: around 200 yen
Taste: ☆☆1/2
Value: ☆☆☆☆☆
No. 2: Authentic Fried Rice from Nichirei
We have absolutely no complaints with this fried rice, which is adorned with juicy char sui pork and fluffy eggs. It is so incredibly delicious that we think it may be impossible for Nichirei to improve on this frozen fried rice. Like how Michael Jackson was the King of Pop, this fried rice is the undisputable King of Frozen Foods.
Price: around 400 yen
Taste: ☆☆☆☆☆
Value: ☆☆☆
No. 1: 7-Eleven Premium Tsukemen

Tsukemen, sometimes known as “ramen’s weird brother” on account of the diner dipping the noodles in the soup rather than it all being served in one big bowl, is always delicious and being able to keep some in the freezer makes emergency and lazy meals that bit more exciting. 7-Eleven’s thick tsukemen noodles have a perfect texture and pair well with the rich and delicious pork and seafood broth-based soup that comes packaged. And their incredibly low price makes these great noodles almost miraculous in their value and taste. In short: frozen Japanese food perfection.
Price: 158 yen
Taste: ☆☆☆☆☆
Value: ☆☆☆☆☆



Day 2109 ( Dinner with Friends 1 )
Friday, December 27, 2013

Work again at the YMCA, only 2 days to go. I surprise myself by actually waking up early enough for these classes when they start at 10 !! Later on I had dinner with a couple friends. 4 Americans and 7 Jamaicans. Can you identify the 4 Americans?

We ate, chatted and laughed for a while. We even did some random poetry as well. A friend in the group also gave me this Christmas present.

I like it !



Day 2110 ( Dinner with Friends 2 / Softbank to Acquire T-Mobile )
Saturday, December 28, 2013

Another day at the YMCA for 2 hours. Went home and slept a bit then had dinner at my friend's house, along with a couple other friends.



SoftBank on course to buy T-Mobile

Japan’s SoftBank plans to acquire T-Mobile US through its subsidiary Sprint in a move that would create the world’s second largest mobile carrier by revenue after China Mobile, a report said Wednesday.
SoftBank intends to buy a majority stake in fourth-ranked US wireless carrier T-Mobile in early 2014 in a transaction with an estimated price tag of more than 2 trillion yen ($19 billion), the Nikkei business daily said.
It is in the final stages of talks with T-Mobile’s parent, Deutsche Telekom of Germany, the economic daily quoted anonymous sources close to the matter as saying.
SoftBank declined to comment on the report.
The purchase would boost the SoftBank group’s annual revenue from mobile operations to $69.4 billion, making it the world’s No. 2 carrier behind China Mobile with $90.4 billion, the Nikkei said citing, industry figures.
SoftBank had initially envisioned a stock swap but it is believed to have added a tender offer and other transactions to the list of options, since Deutsche Telekom prefers a cash deal, it said.
The Japanese group has begun talks with U.S. financial institutions for loans to finance the deal, it said.
SoftBank aims to compete better with the two U.S. giants—Verizon and AT&T—by integrating T-Mobile with Sprint to create a stronger number three player with some 100 million subscribers, it said.



Day 2111 ( Dinner with Friends 3 / Dancing in the Clubs)
Sunday, December 29, 2013

Today was the last day of the Christmas program at the YMCA.... Hip hip horayyy. Afterwards I met up with some Jamaican girls who wanted to visit Kamakura, an old capital of Japan. I think this would be my third time going there to look at the Big Buddah statue. But I could never find this place on my own.

We then went to Shibuya at Good Wood Terrace Jamaican restaurant in Shibuya.

While we were there, a famous Japanese Reggae dancer "Ivan" stopped by. Quite a few dancers and reggae artist frequent this restaurant to sorta rest a bit before hitting the clubs nearby to perform. I knew about Ivan as soon as I came to Japan in 2008. I had him as a friend on facebook and seen him several times. But this was the first time meeting him in person.

He invited me and another friend of mine to a dancing party nearby. He said I would go in free if I did a small favor for him .... So I agreed and I went in free along with my friend. It was an interesting favor might I add, I shall give no more details ;) But it involved dancing on stage.

There was another party keeping afterwards so I also went in with 2 of my friends. This party was a anniversary party by a group of relatively famous Japanese selectors that call themselves "Power Players". This was a big disappointment for me and my friends who went. Here is a video of what happened at the party. Viewer's Discretion Advised ....



Day 2112 ( Most Viewed Blog Postings of 2013 / Wolverine)
Monday, December 30, 2013

Missed my stop again after coming in this morning and falling asleep on the train. Luckily a train came soon enough. I got back to my apartment and slept for a good portion of the day. When I woke up, I watched Wolverine, which was sort of a waste of time. Poor acting, poor story line, except for the twist near to the end, and over all just didn't grab my attention even though most of it was filmed in Japan. The last 3 minutes when the other X-men showed up was the highlight of the movie for me. If Professor X and Magneto didn't show up, I would've given this movie a 3/10. But because they showed up, I give it a 4/10.



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Day 2113 (  )
Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Stayed in again for the most part. Then went to Roppongi, Tokyo with a couple of friends. So I basically rang in the New Year at the Roppongi station exit 3. Me and a few friends went to a club. They were playing hip hop / rap exclusively. It was kinda fun for a while then my restless friend said he wants to hear some Jamaican music. So we left at about 2 or 3 am and went to Shibuya.

We went to Shibuya but the females weren't feeling the club vibes so only the males went to club in Shibuya where a reggae style party was going on. It wasn't so bad.

It is weird. I almost never go to clubs or parties like these in Jamaica. What happened? Japan happened. The need to just get out of my apartment and not fall into depression or isolation has lead a few of us here to just pretty much do anything to have fun and keep or sanity..... If I stay in my apartment by myself for over 2 days, I feel the need to get out and go somewhere. Anywhere... Especially to see other Jamaicans. And even better to experience Jamaican culture. Last year I rang in the New Year at my church with my family, friends and then girlfriend. Seemed almost perfect. And this year ??? Oh well, it is what it is.



Day 2114 ( Happy New Year Again / Hollywood Struggling Against New Locations )
Wednesday, January 1, 2014

As mentioned at the top of this posting :


Happy New Year !!!!

Peace, Blessings and Prosperity for 2014 and Beyond 

Stayed in for most of the day then met up with a Jamaican friend who was visiting from rural Japan.


Hollywood struggles against new film meccas

In the old days, filmmakers flocked to Hollywood for its abundant sunshine, beautiful people and sandy beaches. But today a new filmmaking diaspora is spreading across the globe to places like Vancouver, London and Wellington, New Zealand.
Fueled by politicians doling out generous tax breaks, filmmaking talent is migrating to where the money is. The result is an incentives arms race that pits California against governments around the world and allows powerful studios —with hundreds of millions of dollars at their disposal— to cherry-pick the best deals.
The most recent iteration of the phenomenon came earlier this month when James Cameron announced plans to shoot and produce the next three “Avatar” sequels largely in New Zealand. What Cameron gets out of the deal is a 25 percent rebate on production costs, as long as his company spends at least $413 million on the three films.
New Zealand
“There’s no place in the world that we could make these sequels more cost effectively,” says producer Jon Landau. It is neither the archipelago’s volcanoes nor its glaciers that are attractive, because the “Avatar” movies will be shot indoors. Sure, Peter Jackson’s award-winning special effects infrastructure is there, but the deciding factor was the money. “We looked at other places,” says Landau. But in the end, “it was this rebate.”
In exchange, the local economy will benefit hugely, Landau says, comparing the ripple effect to the boost that comes from new home construction. “We’re doing lumber, we’re catering for hundreds of people a day. We’re housing people in hotels. We’re going to a stationery store and tripling their business in a year.”