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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Salsa Anyone?

Days 1397 - 1403
Sunday, January 15, 2012 - Saturday, January 21, 2012 

Day 1397 (Salsa Club/Yokohama Anti Nuclear March)
Sunday, January 15, 2012

This week was a bit boring.

I went to church today, first time for the new year, to get some blessings in my hedonistic soul. 
I then ordered the Spanish food in the picture below, for my dinner. 

In the evening I went to a Cuban style Salsa club with a friend of mine. It was in Roppongi, Tokyo, which I would say is the heart of the party life style in Japan. This is the second time I am going to a salsa club from birth. Once in Jamaica and once in Japan. This was free of cost and there were many people there dancing. As many may know, I am not gifted in dancing. However to many Japanese, I look like a dancing God. So in no time there were 2 females following my moves. 

I started dancing with one of them, making my own moves. And she was looking in my eyes as if I was sent from up above. She said she is a medical doctor and she love dancing. She is also quite beautiful. So pretty soon almost every guy in the club wanted to teach her salsa. The first guy who came by asked me if it was ok to dance with her. So I indicated that it was fine. Every time a song ended and she sat down, there was some dude waiting for the opportunity to teach her the moves. It was fun though, anyone could just go and dance with whoever they feel like. Unfortunately, I don't even know the first step in salsa. 

Yokohama Anti Nuclear March

I didn't even know that an event like this took place in Yokohama. 

A two-day antinuclear conference kicked off Saturday in Yokohama with the aim of sharing lessons from the Fukushima crisis and fostering global momentum against atomic power.
News photo
Atomic anger: Activists stage an antinuclear demonstration in Yokohama on Saturday, in support of the two-day Global Conference for a Nuclear Power-Free World. The conference, which drew activists from around the world, kicked off in the city the same day. 
"Nuclear power plants are all over the world. In order to deal with this issue, we must create a global network," said Tatsuya Yoshioka, director of the nongovernmental organization Peace Boat, during the opening ceremony for the Global Conference for a Nuclear Power-Free World.
The conference drew thousands of participants to the Pacifico Yokohama convention center, including about 100 experts and activists from 30 countries and nearly 200 domestic groups



Day 1398 ( New Interesting Blog I Found )
Monday, January 16, 2012

Updated my alien registration card today at the ward office for where I live. Then faxed it and my updated visa to my Company. Afterwards I went home and got some sleep then studied a bit. 

New Interesting Blog I Found

My Jamaican friend in the Osaka area introduced me to a blog written by a black American guy living in Yokohama. His blog is called "Loco in Yokohama". Since I started reading his blog, I couldn't stop. This guy really writes great stuff and he has written some stuff that I am sure black persons in this area can identify with. He does some amount of cursing in his blog, but that doesn't phase me one bit. 

For example this sentence from one of his blog entries, is what I see almost every day. 

"Another man on the other side of me is stealing glances when he thinks I’m not looking and when I glance up purposely to test his reaction, he, as expected, darts his head away, like a fish when you tap your knuckle against the bowl."

And most of the things in this other blog entry, I can also identify with, check it out.

"The one thing that vexes me the most about Japanese people is something I’m sure many foreigners living here don’t notice. Or, if they do, it simply doesn’t get under their skin the way it gets under mine. Because, if it did, I wouldn’t be reading so many weblogs from foreigners living in Japan gushing about how great their lives in Japan are and how wonderful the people are, in general. Maybe they’ve found some way to ignore this thing. I, decidedly, have not!
Japanese call it shyness, but it certainly looks more like terror. It’s not only that they avoid contact with me but the incredibly insensitive ways they go about this tactless task.
Case and point: Today, I was walking from the station to my job. A ten minute walk I take the same time every Monday through Friday. On this walk I must pass a couple hundred people going the way I’ve come. The sidewalks are pretty narrow on certain streets. Barely enough room for two people to pass one another without one giving a little way. And If I were Japanese that’s exactly what would happen. A little way would be given by either myself or both of us in the spirit of keeping it moving. I know this because I observe this daily. I wish I didn’t but I do. But, I am not Japanese."
"So, as a salaryman approaches me, and I’m in observant mode, like some kind of glutton for confirmation of my long since confirmed belief that the Japanese people are cowardly xenophobes and racists, I watch his every move. I watch as he passes people ahead of me, confidently in stride and uneventfully. I watch as he finally notices me. The recognition of “the other” in his eyes is plain to see. He glances across the street, considers crossing, checks me to see if I’m watching him and on seeing that he has my undivided attention puts his hand up to pick something out of his eye, turns sharply and crosses the street without checking for traffic and causes a car to have to stop a little short. The driver of the car notices me and glides his car as far away from where I’m walking – on the sidewalk mind you- as possible. I guess the suddenness and carelessness of the the other guy’s crossing made the driver sense a danger about. And upon seeing me decided I was that danger. His glide away from me causes the oncoming traffic from the opposite direction to slow, and the driver at its lead looks around to see what caused the other driver to perform such a dangerous detour, sees me, and nearly pulls on to the sidewalk."
"I shake my head and keep moving. This kind of shit goes on daily, I swear."

This guy wrote a book so I am planning to buy it.



Day 1399 (Woman Attacks 5th Grader)
Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Left work a bit earlier than normal today. But when I got home all I did was sleep and study.  

I forgot to mention that my friend made this thing for my phone some weeks ago.

Woman Attacks 5th Grader

This level of madness is unheard of. 

A woman was arrested for attempted murder after attacking an 11-year-old boy Wednesday at an elementary school in Osaka and seriously wounding him, police said.

The boy, who suffered injuries to his chest and limbs, was taken to a hospital. His wounds are not thought to be life-threatening, police said.
Rescue workers said the woman, 35, attacked the fifth-grader near the school's front gate.
Investigators quoted the woman as saying she had stabbed many children she did not know and regretted her actions.
A witness said the woman was weeping as she was taken away in a police car.



Day 1400 
Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Today was similar to yesterday. Left work early, went back to my apartment and slept then studied. 



Day 1401 ( SOPA )
Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another boring day. Just work then study.

I have been seeing this buzz about SOPA and PIPA all over the internet recently. With even Wikipedia shutting down yesterday to protest the bill. This is the information I found.

What Is SOPA?

If you hadn't heard of SOPA before, you probably have by now: Some of the internet's most influential sites—Reddit and Wikipedia among them—are going dark to protest the much-maligned anti-piracy bill. But other than being a very bad thing, what is SOPA? And what will it mean for you if it passes?

SOPA is an anti-piracy bill working its way through Congress...

House Judiciary Committee Chair and Texas Republican Lamar Smith, along with 12 co-sponsors, introduced the Stop Online Piracy Act on October 26th of last year. Debate on H.R. 3261, as it's formally known, has consisted of one hearing on November 16th and a "mark-up period" on December 15th, which was designed to make the bill more agreeable to both parties. Its counterpart in the Senate is the Protect IP Act (S. 968). Also known by its cuter-but-still-deadly name: PIPA.
The beating heart of SOPA is the ability of intellectual property owners (read: movie studios and record labels) to effectively pull the plug on foreign sites against whom they have a copyright claim. If Warner Bros., for example, says that a site in Italy is torrenting a copy of The Dark Knight, the studio could demand that Google remove that site from its search results, that PayPal no longer accept payments to or from that site, that ad services pull all ads and finances from it, and—most dangerously—that the site's ISP prevent people from even going there.

Here is a video also explaining SOPA and PIPA



Day 1402 ( Snow in Yokohama )
Friday, January 20, 2012 { 3 YEARS 10 MONTHS}

Woke up this morning to snow outside. This was my first time seeing snow since moving to Yokohama. Snow means its is terribly cold. Some of the classes that I had today, didn't even turn on the heater in the class room. So in some classes, it was a very cold 45 mins.



Day 1403 ( Meeting some Friends )
Saturday, January 21, 2012

Did nothing in the day but in the evening I met up with some friends and had dinner. Then we went to a small pub to drink and chat. Sorry for using your picture guys, without first consulting :)



@Richard, Yeah I use twitter to promote the blog as well. Yuh right about the hackers in MW2 but mi jus want to get all di prestige.. MW3 can wait.. But mi soon come buss yuh skull man.  Don't be in such a hurry to meet your demise my good friend. 

@Loco.. Thanks for your comment, I really enjoy your blog. You are a gifted writer.


chris said...

Hey man..fine ladies dancing some salsa...and the food!! Looks like my kinda fun!!

davay colly said...

Thanks for stopping by Chris. Love your blog.

Daphne said...

I really like your blog! And thanks for sharing the article from "Loco in Yokohama". It is really interesting. I see a lot of Japanese behave like that but I believe I'm not one of those :P

davay colly said...

Thanks for stopping by Daph. You seem to be one of the more open minded Japanese :)