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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Days 704-710 <{ }> Sunday-Saturday, February 21 - February 27, 2010

Days 704- 710 <{ }> Sunday-Saturday, February 21 - February 27, 2010

Day 704 { }
Sunday, February 21, 2010

Went church, then outside of the new location of church, this little girl saw me and shouted in Japanese " Wow that foreigner it is the first time I am seeing him". (so no gaikokujin hajimete mita). To which the persons around erupted in laughter.

Day 705 { }
Monday, February 22, 2010

Went bible study and lead a small group. Got a new Japanese study book from one of the foreigners who started to come to bible study...


Day 706 { Assassin's Creed 2 }

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Received my Assassin's Creed 2 PS3 game today that I purchased online...
Amongst the things that I really like about Japan is the speed in which we receive stuff when we order them online. I have about 3 more games that I want to buy then I will have to curb my urge for game buying.... I plan to buy:

Call of Duty 4
Final Fantasy 13
God of war 3

After this I don't care which good games comes out, they will all have to wait until maybe ext year if not further down...

Went to the Tuesday English conversation classes to watch this South Korean guy do his presentation on South Korea... He also gave us a short lesson on Korean....


Day 707 { Toyota in trouble }

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Got a hair cut today.. And I know my co-workers and students are going to be creating excitement about this... It happens every single month when I trim.

So Toyoto is in the biggest trouble now since their inception... They have been recalling thousands of cars with brake trouble etc etc...The Toyota president is feeling the pinch... I certainly would not want to be him right now....

here is the latest story

He hasn't bowed in apology. He hasn't resigned. But this week Toyota President Akio Toyoda did perform one of the typical rituals of a Japanese executive under attack: He wept publicly.

The image of Toyoda choking up during a meeting with American dealers is winning accolades in Japan, a society that has always had a soft spot for such displays of emotion.

The footage was broadcast over and over on TV news Thursday. Toyoda, 53, was barely able to finish his sentences at the meeting with dozens of Toyota dealers in Washington — a far more receptive crowd than the skeptical U.S. lawmakers who had grilled him about the automaker's safety lapses and massive recalls at a congressional hearing.

A photo of his sobbing face was on the front page of the evening editions of the Yomiuri and Tokyo Shimbun newspapers. "Toyota president offers apology, thanks, tears," said a headline in the Asahi.

Japan is increasingly nervous about Toyota Motor Corp.'s unfolding recall crisis, which has ballooned to more than 8.5 million cars being fixed for faulty gas pedals, floor mats and brake systems.

Concerns are growing that electronic glitches, still relatively new turf for the industry, may be behind the cases of unintended acceleration that have led to deaths and horror stories of runaway cars on highways.

Toyoda's appearance before Congress was a top news item for major Japanese broadcasters.



Day 708 { Football Night }

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Played football at the college again. And still I am like a star here playing against the first and second year students... I started playing at about 7:00 pm. After this I went to the usual Thursday football with the other guys... Now at this one I look like a big (Jama) or obstacle on the field... Getting multiple goals and scoring none plus getting tired rather easily... and losing the ball quickly.... Any way football is always fun to me... So I ended up played from 7:00pm straight back until about 10:30 pm...For the second straight week I was the only foreigner present.

Day 709 { Finish Paying for Car }

Friday, February 26, 2010

Got paid today hooray... So I went to pay my final instalment on my car... Finally the car is fully mine now. And thankfully I haven't had even 1 problem with it thus far... I hope it remains like this.

Went football at the college in the night (yes its Thursdays and Fridays)... At one of the break intervals, I was asking the guys about why is it that so many Japanese men stand for hours in the convenient stores reading pornographic manga ???.... I am sure these books supposed to be on sale but you will see scores of men EVERY SINGLE DAY at the convenient stores reading these mangas with out any shame... They are not going to purchase them nor will the convenient store persons chase them away...

So I was telling the guys that one day I am going to walk up to one of these men and ask them what are they reading.... and further ask why do they read them for so long and not buy them.... They guys started laughing like crazy....

At the end of playtime, this new girl came and as soon as she stepped in she greeted me and started being polite and all... I was surprised because only a very very few Japanese girls do this... The other girls who play football there hardly even tell me good evening when they come in to play...

Day 710 { Studying and Festivals }
Saturday, February 27, 2010

Went to the Japanese class again to learn nothing new. The teacher who was assigned to me came today and for some strange reason she didn't seem to remember that I was supposed to be her student. She even told me that I wasn't her teacher, but the coordinator lady had to tell her that yes she is.... Oh Boy... Of course with my tendency to think about everything, I started wondering if she didn't want to teach me....

However, after introducing myself to her and what not, it seem as if she couldn't get enough of my crazy behaviour... She laughed all throughout our study exercise, especially when I told her my stories in my bad Japanese. Several times she seemed as if she was going to pass out with laughter...

When the class was over, and I was doing the 10 mins walk to the train station... She caught up with me on her bicycle and we chatted a bit until she turned off. I am still roughly at the same area in Kanji study where I was last week, only a few more I learnt throughout last week... I know most of the Level 4 (grade 1) and Level 3 (grade 2) kanjis now...Well at least one of the meanings because kanjis most times have multiple meanings... I just started the level 2 ( grade 3 and 4) kanjis recently...

I then went to a kids festival that was being held near my apartment... I saw a couple of the kids I taught with their parents.... I also saw 2 of the guys who I play football with at the college and one of the girls.... One of the guys actually came up to me and shook my hand, but the girl, she pretended as if she didn't know who I was and sort of looked away... ooh boy... When will I get used to this kind of thing???

Anyway, shortly after this, I went to the car place again and they were keeping a little festival there as well... They were giving free food and some other free stuff while advertising new cars...


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