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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Days 823 - 829 <{ }> Sunday - Saturday, June 20 - June 26, 2010

Days 823 - 829 <{ }> Sunday - Saturday, June 20 - June 26, 2010

Day 823 {}
Sunday, June 20, 2010 { 2 Years 3 Months }

Stayed in for most of the day, then walked for about 45 minutes to go pick up my car at the restaurant that I went to yesterday.... I drank a little, so there was no way I could have driven home last night. Plus I refuse to take the taxis here... Too expensive... I gave the restaurant owner 2 of my posters. I am not sure if he is going to put them up though... So far, I have witnessed only about 3 or 4 of the shop owners putting up my poster.


Day 824 { Video Shoots at the Board of Education }
Monday, June 21, 2010

Went to the board of education today to do 2 video shoots for season 4 of my show. The first shoot was about Japanese-English. I did this with a new lady that works in the board of education office. We used words like Purin (Pudding) <this is not the same as the pudding we know in Jamaica>, Fried Potato (French Fries) and Choux cream (cream puff) <Jamaicans have no clue what this thing is>... It is a pastry with custard cream inside (as seen in the photo)... I don't really like custard cream though...

The lady that I did the video shoot with, told me that she liked my eye lashes.... She is probably the fifth Japanese female that told me that in 2 years since I am here.

The second video shoot was with the guy in the background of my picture. This was about Jamaican dialect (patois)....I used words like:

Waah Gwaan? - How are you?

Mi cool - I am ok

Likkle more - See you later (good bye)

It took 2 hours to do both video shoots, because we kept making mistakes every now and again... Also occasionally the office phone rang, so we had to cut and re-shoot.

After the video shoot, I went to another bar to give them 2 posters. Then I went to bible study.


Day 825 { More Advertising }
Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Went to a cake shop after work to give them my poster. The owner is one of the few who put up my poster in front of my eyes... He also recommended that I make them bigger, but I am not so sure about that at all....

I then went to the local newspaper company with my friend. They gave me a short interview about my book and said the best time to print it in the newspaper is on the day of sale which is July 1.. Or the day before the sale June 30.....Because trust me, the average Japanese person will forget things like this in an instant.

Me and my friend then went to a local coffee shop and I also gave them 2 posters. This owner also put the 2 posters up so I could see them.

We then went to another local restaurant to give them 2 posters. He also recommended that I make it bigger than the standard A4.

Day 826 { Arrival of the Books }
Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Received 95 books from Lulu.com today. Can you believe it is only a week ago I made the order and they are already here? I thought I would be
excited about it, but I am not all that excited for some reason. Just being totally honest, I don't have much confidence in the people of the Niimi area, where this book project is concerned. Even though I am on TV and some of the people seem excited about the book, I can't know for sure... So I am a bit hesitant to leave thirty (30) books at the book store in Niimi. The thing is that, I am almost certain to get a very very good response from the people in Virginia, USA (where I am planning to go to do a little book tour). But Niimi, I just don't know....


Day 827 {Italy lose, Japan Win}
Thursday, June 24, 2010

Had every intention to play football today, because I missed last week, and I haven't been going up the college to play recently either. I however fell asleep at around 6:30 pm while watching this movie that my Panamanian friend recommended to me. The name of it is Ghajini, which is an Indian film. I woke up back at around 10:30 when football would have been over.

I watched the world cup match where Slovakia sent Italy packing and crying with a 3-2 victory. I then stayed up until about 4:15am to watch the Japan vs Denmark match, where Japan won 3-1. I didn't see all of the match because I had work the following morning.


Day 828
Friday, June 25, 2010

Went to the books store in Niimi again today with my friend to give them 30 books. I thought the supervisor lady would have been there but she wasn't. I handed the books to her daughter instead. I then went to the 100 yen store to buy a receipt book for the hopeful future purchases of my book....

Later on I went to karate. Next week is a competition thing so I had to go in front of everyone to do the routine that I have been practising recently. Last week I did pretty well, but this week I messed up terribly. Also in the competition, it includes this fighting thing where we have to wear protective gears. Tonight they put me up against the guy who I introduced this karate thing to. Guess what ?? He defeated me :O ... Can I say worthless ??... Well he is much taller and has a longer arm length... This actual fighting thing is not for me at all. Learning the katas is much more fun... Well actually the fighting is pretty exciting to tell the truth but I don't like it...


Day 829
Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stayed in all day...


Bwoy Panton, I just ignore the statements by the guy. He kinda says random stuff like that to almost everyone. I am not racist so I almost never make a racist comment whether joke or otherwise...

That is a good idea about walking with the tape and put it up myself.... But mi done wid di advertising fi now... Mi jus going to guh round to di places dat mi give di posters an if mi nuh si dem up, mi going to ask dem weh dem deh....

Derri thanks for the complements Re: My photo... ;) and yeah, waking up happy every once in a while is strange I know.. Just telling as it is. The things I have experienced in Japan, both good and bad, I have never experienced them anywhere else.... The very inspiration for completing my book was from a negative situation.

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zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave - u need the killer instinct in Karate to win. You don't have that so you going to get ur ass kicked everytime - hush, so it go. That's why u have a book about "Love and Peace" and not "Hate and War".

How do u watch Worldcup?...repeats?