Days 844 - 850 <{ }> Sunday - Saturday, July 11 - July 17, 2010

Days 844 - 850 <{ }> Sunday - Saturday, July 11 - July 17, 2010

Day 844 { Okayama Castle }
Sunday, July 11, 2010

Went to the main city in my prefecture today with a friend of mine. He lived in the USA for a while, came back to Japan to get married, then worked in Tokyo. He said Tokyo was a little too rough so now he came back to live in Niimi.

We went by the Okayama castle, had lunch, then headed home. His dad is the one who teaches me Japanese most Sundays.


Day 845 { 3 More Books Sold }
Monday, July 12, 2010

Went to bible study in the night and I got 3 more books sold there.

Day 846
Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Was supposed to have a video shoot today but it was cancelled because of heavy rain.


Day 847 { Book at #7 / Good bye Dinner }
Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Went work but no classes were held because of the heavy rain. The students stayed home but the teachers had to be there. So I basically sat at work all day doing nothing.

A teacher at this school told me that my book is on the top 10 ranking list at the bookshop in my area. I was quite surprised. He said it was at number 7.

In the evening, a dinner / party thingy was held for the ALTs who will be leaving in August. As always, I tend to like these gatherings, even though it was only 2 of us from my company who went there......

2 persons there bought my book from the book store and they brought it to the dinner to ask me to sign it. My friend also told me that, out of the 30 books that I gave to the book store, so far, only 7 are left. So the book is at number 7 and only 7 are left there now.... Lucky 7...

Day 848 { Cockroach in the Staff Room / Wrong Tie}
Thursday, July 15, 2010

Again no classes because of rain. This rain has probably been falling since Sunday night none stop. At work again, I sat around all day studying Japanese and looking at the walls. The most exciting thing at work was when I saw a cockroach, and 2 teachers were running around trying to kill it, while the female teachers run around screaming.

I was again to have a video shoot today because of a mistake in the very first video shoot. So I should have worn the same clothes. I unfortunately brought the wrong tie so we ended up having to do a voice over thing instead of an actual video shoot. The camera man said that editing is somewhat easy so it will be fine.

Went football in the night and scored 1 goal against the opposing team.


Day 849 {Beginning of Summer Dinner / She cried}

Friday, July 16, 2010

I got an idea yesterday to give a free copy of my book to 2 students at the college for promotional purposes. So I made arrangements with one of the students and gave her a signed copy of my book for free. I am supposed to give another student a free copy next week.

In the evening, I went to another dinner with my main school. These dinner things are expensive, but the bonding and the resultant fun is priceless. At the dinner, the main item was this fish known as sturgeon... It is the eggs from this fish they use to make caviare. I of course passed on this one and asked them to give me chicken instead. At the dinner, the principal purchased one of my books.

After the dinner, me and a couple of the teachers went to a snack bar to do karaoke. Then later on we went to another snack bar. I showed the owner of the second snack bar my book. She then read 2 of the poems and started to cry. I was moved by her tears because it was the first time I was seeing this response from someone reading my book. Especially a Japanese person.... She said she understood my heart. I sold 2 copies of my book in that snack bar.

Two of my translators said that I should consider making music with my poetry. I only wish I knew how to get a process like that started.

The only thing I hate about these dinner parties and snack bars is that, they almost always have drunk Japanese men. I hate being anywhere near a drunk Japanese man because for some reason they always want to speak to me in their drunken state. Not only do they speak, but they want to tap me on the shoulder every 2-3 seconds which is VERY ANNOYING!!!

Day 850 {Concert}
Saturday, July 17, 2010

Went to a concert in the evening. One of my book translators was performing in the band. The concert overall wasn't too bad but some times the music was a bit loud. The acoustics of that location is terrible I think.

After the concert, we saw a barbecue going on down from where the concert was. So me and another ALT went by to see what was going on. We met a couple of the persons there, some of them were college students who I already knew.

After this, me and the ALT went to another local bar where some more ALTs came along. One of the ALTs (the first one to date) purchased a copy of my book there.


Yow Richard and Jamaipanese, mi suppose to come a Jamaica inna August, suh dem time deh unnu can buy the book from mi. But if unnu want it before dat, unnuh can get it from this link


Oh and Richard, to date, I think it is about 48 copies sold so far... the break down is something like this:

Book store in my area = 22
From me personally = 23
Book store in other city = 3

Not too bad right?

Jamaipanese, any time yuh ready mi can kick out yuh teet inna table tennis...