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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Niimi College Fair 2010 / Japanese Girls Love White Men

Days 788 - 794 { } Sunday - Saturday, May 16 - May 22, 2010

Day 788 { Niimi College Fair 2010 }
Sunday, May 16, 2010

Went to the college nearby today, to see what was going on as they were having some sort of School Fun day/ Festival thing. I know a couple of the students there from either Thursday football, Tuesday English conversation or otherwise. It is almost always a pleasure to go to the college ;)

I took the new ALT Chris with me, whom I also introduced to karate recently. Chris went with this girl that we met at one of the local bars, into a car accident simulation thing. The first simulation was a car turning over sideways then upside down. The second one was like a fender bender accident, hitting the rear end of a car.....

There were many tents around with food and other stuff around... But there were not many visitors from outside, so of course the 2 foreigners were the highlight kind of. Well actually there is another foreigner going to the college and she is from Honduras but speaks fluent Japanese. So she speaks pretty much 3 languages fluently, English, Japanese and Spanish. Oh I wish I was like that. The worst thing is that I started slacking off on my Japanese studies. :(

Some of the girls would blush when they see Chris walk by. One of them out rightly said "You are handsome" ... Chris replied by saying in Japanese "And you are beautiful"... lol it was interesting...... I did not stay too long under that particular tent for reasons I wish not to share...

It was an interesting day out of my apartment though... and as I said before, its "almost" always good to visit the college. This is the home page of the college in Japanese

And this is the site in English under construction http://www.niimi-c.ac.jp/english/index.html

Day 789 {}
Monday, May 17, 2010

Called the Japanese ISBN place today after they sent me an email with the necessary documents that I need to fill out. I did not understand everything on it so I called them hoping that there would be at least 1 English speaker there. Nope, no such luck.

I wasn't feeling so well today at all, but I still went to bible study in the night.

Day 790 {ISBN Application}
Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Went to the Niimi college after work today to ask the Tuesday night, English conversation coordinator to assist me with filling out the Japanese ISBN application form. In all it would cost me about US $260 to apply for it...and I would get a reply in about 3 weeks. Based on the application though, it seem as if people need to have a company in order to get an ISBN number.... I have to do some more research on this thing. The English coordinator also spoke to the ISBN authorities for me.... I am really thankful for his help trust me... I feel like I am disrupting his schedule sometimes though because he is a busy man.

I then went home briefly then back to the college to see some students do a presentation on their trip to Australia. To be totally honest, it was a bit uncomfortable for me to sit through the entire presentation, for reasons I wish not to mention here...But I sat through it and it went well.

Day 791 {}
Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hey Happy Birthday Stewart.

Did nothing really today. Just went home after work and think think think.... I wish certain things would just get out of my mind seriously...

Day 792 { Attacker simulation / Lulu.com }
Thursday, May 20, 2010 {2 Years, 2 Months}

This strange thing happened to me in one of my classes today. I was kind of day dreaming while playing a game with the kids. I was supposed to call out the name of some countries, and the kids should touch the correct cards... So I was remembering on Tuesday that I asked some girls at the college if they were from a place known as"Sannomiya".... It was now time for me to call out the name of a country ... which should be Japan... But instead, I shouted out "Sannomiya" ... It was kind of embarrassing as the teacher and the kids were wondering what the heck was going on... This can't be good at all ... Jeez what's happening to me???

Also at work today, they had a simulation exercise showing what the teachers and children should do if a thief or some dangerous person come in the school. So I was watching to see when the simulation would start. Then suddenly, I saw when this guy pulled out a knife and started to talk to the vice principal aggressively. I thought this thing was happening for real and I stood there in shock. I found out that this was the simulation thing when the principal started laughing...

After this, three (3) of the male teachers came with this stick like thing and started pinning down the acting attacker on the floor. It was quite interesting to see. Two of the teachers
were obviously cowards, but the other teacher was brave it seem.

After work, I went to the Post Office in order to pay for the ISBN number but they were closed
:( so I was planning to go there tomorrow during work. But!! luckily, through my research, a guy sent me a mail where he said people can do self-publishing and also get a free ISBN number on the internet through a site called lulu.com ... Everything is free, except that I would have to order my finished product from them.... They are quite reputable it seem but everything lies squarely on the writers head... so if you make a mistake then that's just your luck... I think I might try them out...

I went football in the night both at the college and at my usual place. Today was a good showing as I scored multiple goals at the college (although this is usually the case) and I managed to score 2 against the opposing team at the regular football thing.

Day 793 { Advertise Book Blog}
Friday, May 21, 2010

I created a new blog for advertising my book... It has only a little information on it because I created it really for the purpose of applying for a Japanese ISBN. But because I don't need the Japanese ISBN any more, I'm just going to use it to advertise the book... its http://davecolly.wordpress.com/

After work, I went to a books store name books freeway which is nearby, with a friend of mine, to ask them the process of putting my books in the book store. The guy that spoke to me and my friend said that its pretty much a free deal, just give them the book and that should be it... But he also said that we should talk to his supervisor to make sure, and she will be there on Sunday. My friend says he knows the supervisor very well so we will go there on Sunday.

Day 794 {}
Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stayed in for the entire day doing some final touches to my book and checking for mistakes etc... I am waiting mainly on the front cover now... and about 6 more translations... Then I'm completely done I think...So I'm hoping to have the first copy in my hand between June 10 and June 15. Wish me luck.


Stewy said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Dave-sensei

zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave - you do know you can't check your own book for errors cause u don't see that.