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Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 138 - Monday, August 4, 2008

Day 138 - Germany Chapter 8

Woke up and Nadja helped me with my luggage on a tram. She came along with me as well. We met up with Mia at a cafe/bar place where I had breakfast. I then told Nadja good bye and thanked her for allowing me to sleep by her place. It was good meeting her. I then walked around a bit with Mia where we went on a really tall building to see many parts of Leipzig. So I saw this monument thingy that they said is a symbol used to show where the Germans defeated Napoleon Bonaparte. I also used this weird machine thing to make a coin... (I actually dont know what I did with that coin now)... Mia then followed me to the train station and helped me out with my heavy luggage. Mia is such a cool girl. I have a very good impression of Germans now based on the few that I have met thus far.
I took the 3:10 pm flight from Leipzig to Frankfurt, and I didnt like how this pilot flew at all. I got to Frankfurt at about 4:15 pm. I then took 7:45 pm flight to South Korea from Frankfurt and this was the beginning of the staring business again. A bunch of Koreans were there just staring at me. What is it with these Asians?? At one point I saw a Korean girl on her laptop, so I decided to take mine out as well. Every now and then I would catch her in the act of staring at me with a little smirk on her face, almost looking like she is saying "Where did he get that from"... I could be wrong though... Anyway, A German lady came over to me and asked me why does my Japanese visa has expiry date on it as June 2008... I told her that this was the date that I had to use it before going to Japan for the first time... She then asked me if I had ever been to Japan before... I then said, "I work there" .... Cant they read the stamps or something??? Is it me alone getting these strange questions???
I eventually got to South Korea about 1:10 pm Tuesday afternoon.

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