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Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 161 (New Jamaican Friend ) - Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 161 - New Jamaican Friend

Today I stayed in for most of the day then I thought that the apartment was a little too boring. So I called my new Jamaican friend, Terri and told her I will link har later and stay until Friday when I would have my written test for the Japanese licence. So she said no problem. I decided to take the 7:33 pm train which would let me get at our meeting point at about 8:50 pm ... Again I made a wrong estimate of the train time, so I had to speed out of my house to go and park my car at the hotel. But alas, on approaching the hotel, there was no parking spot there. So I had to speed to the free teacher's parking area, which was a little away from the train station. After parking there I took out my little pulley and laptop bag, then rushed like crazy to the train station. All in my mind was "how am I going to make it, I cant possibly make it"... But I was running like crazy with the pulley and the bag...Because the next train wouldnt be until 1 hour later or longer... Unlike Tokyo where every 3 - 5 minutes there is another train, and there the people behave like angry Jamaicans rushing in a bus down town... Well in Jamaica you dont know when another bus will arrive but in Tokyo, you are assured of a train every 3 to 5 minutes, but they still push and fight... Sooo when I got to the station, I had to quickly buy my ticket then rush to the train and sat down... It was only 30 seconds after I sat, the train drove off.....I still can't believe that I caught it. What is wrong with me and this constant rushing?? Is it that I love the excitement too much??? That adrenaline rush from catching things at the last moment???... I think I got this from my father, who would not cross a main road until a car was speeding down, then he would rush in front to beat it... the problem with my dad is that he would hold our hands while he was doing this little game of his....Hey Im not that crazy though....

I eventually got to the meeting point which is a popular town in my prefecture known as Kurashki. As you see on the picture, there is even a TIVOLI in Kurashki... A Tivoli park.. Nothing like the infamous Tivoli Gardens in Jamaica though. Hey to think of it, there was even a Tivoli in Grenada when I went there... Anyway, when I got to Kurashki, I saw some fire works (Hanabi) thing going on. I then saw 2 of my JET friends, followed by Terri, the Jamaican who I am meeting for the first time. Its almost as if we have known each other from a long time though, she has that type of personality and sort of remind me of my big sister at home in Jamaica. We then left there and went to her place in an area known as Kawogata...

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