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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day 1 - March 20, 2008 - First Day in Japan


Got to Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan at about 1:45 pm on Thursday, March 20, 2008. This was after I left Atlanta on Wednesday March 19, 2008 at approximaely 10:30 am. The line was sooo long, like the lines at cashplus when they could take on people to invest.
I could count the amount of black people in the airport; I think I counted about 7 in all out of about say a good 500 or 600 people. They had that look on their faces like "What are black people doing here?" I could be wrong though.

After getting through baggage and one of the customs guys saw a DVD in my luggage and asking me if it was porn, I waited about 2 to 3 hours for some one to identify me from the company that employed me.
I bought a phone card for 1000 yen (US$10) and called my mom and sis to let them know I am ok. That call would last only 3 minutes.

Went to the Narita view hotel where I was supposed to pay for 1 night but the hotel has it that I should be paying for 2 nights...That is still being sorted out.

Had some weird looking food in the evening but it wasnt bad... It was an all you can eat restaurant and it cost 2000 yen ($US 20). My mom and sis called me in my hotel room and we spoke for a while.


Rengelly said...

Miss u pumpkin,my dear Huzby :(

island vibe said...

Good to hear from you and hope all continues to go well for you. god bless and have a great time.

Derri said...

It has begun....!

I think the ppl in the airport were just trying to decide if you were a reggae artist or rapper, and since yuh neva look like any of the above, dem wondering what else yuh come for. LOL

Glad yuh started a blog for the Japan part of yuh life. Glad the food thing seem to be working out ok. Hope the hotel thing clear up.

And just remember, no matter where you are, there is always a Jamaican! Even if is just you :-D Represent ma brother.

Walk good,

Stephen said...

They realised u were black and didn't want the food anywyas so they told u it was all u can eat... Lol. Have fun yute

Donna Cover said...

With much help from my nephew I think I can use this medium to say hi.

Celia said...

Hi again Dave. That earlier post from IslandVibe was me. Thought I would clear that up.

davay colly said...

Good Celia, I was wondering who it was.

Kay said...

hi dave,
great idea to have a diary, hope to know ur doing ok, enjoy the experience and may God continue to bless u richly.

Donna-lee said...

well it look like seh your first day wasn't too bad ...and it great thet you like the food already i was kinda worried bout dat , ma poor fren come back to jamaica i yr latr skinny like dawg cuz he hates da foos and wont eat but thats not the case.. thank god thought i think you would preety much have to end developin an appetite for their cuisine in order to survive.

well i dunno if u still in hotel but enjoy every moment of it while you can and put god first
i'm certainly praying for you u so dont worry bout a ting God has got u covered!!!
Love Donna

Teisha-Ann said...

Interesting first day Dave, but you seem to be getting along.

Glad to know the food aspect is working out.
Praying for you.

Have fun

Claudine said...

Hi Dave:
It's good to here from you. Good to know your ok (climb every mountain brother) and do enjoy your experience. We are praying for you.(Mek sure say when you come back a yard you caan chat japanese well seennn.)
from: Nathan,Claudine and Leroy

Claudine said...
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