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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day 105 - Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 105

So I am now in the Niimi newspaper as a new Assistant Language Teacher in the area. The title of that section is appropriately entitled "Across Boarders" I guess the Niimi people should have at least a better idea of who I am now. They put it in the paper that I am from Waterfordo, Jamaica ;) ... But now living in Shoden, Niimi, Okayama, Japan.

Anyway, after work I went to our English Conversation thing and was telling the guys there some more stuff about Jamaica. I was telling them about tamarind, june plum, guinep and them things deh. When I was describing guinep to one of the Japanese guys he said "oooh lichie"... To which I told him that it looks like lichie but a little different. I was also telling them that I am supposed to visit my Jamaican friends in Hiroshima on Saturday, to which my friend warned me about the deer population there. He said he went there sometime last year and a stray deer came up to his friend's bag and ate the map that they were using to navigate ... LOL

My Canadian/Japanese ALT friend said he was on cable doing an English programme and he thinks I would be a good replacement for him because he leaves in August. I think this would be a very good opportunity.

Hey Royalty, is not even 6 months now mi a drive suh mi nuh know nutten bout car except how fi drive it.


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