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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 126 - Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 126

Today my friend Darren followed me to the ear doctor. A whole bunch of old people were waiting for the doctor's office to be opened, so we had to put down our names on the list after them. We couldn't bother waiting so I dropped him at his apartment then we went back to the doctor a little later. When we got back, you know we were celebrities, because the crowd of old Japanese simply were amazed by the 2 foreigners. More me than my friend because him is half Asian (Phillipino) and half white. It really get to me sometime when I see the kids just staring at me in horror. I remember seeing this little kid looking as if she wanted to walk pass me to use the bathroom, but every time she took like 2-3 steps, she would turned back and go to her mom. Eventually her mom had to walk with her. How can I live somewhere when I feel like a blasted monster ?? Sometimes I think I would prefer the city BUT there is too expensive suh mi betta jus easy mi self.

I then went into the doctor's office and of course I could not understand a word the doctor was saying so my friend had to be translating for me. The doctor looked into my left ear and he basically said that he wasn't sure if I had an infection because there was some sort of build up. So He had to do the syringe business. It feel nice when the warm water is going in my ears but then mi start to get dizzy. Eventually he did it to both ears then do this suction thing. After all this I was hearing very well :) :) BUT now my right ear is hurting me like crazy. The ringing stopped and I can hear properly but mi ears a hurt mi wicked wicked. The doctor said this was supposed to happen though.

Any way, I watched the movie "Wanted" today and it was pretty awesome. Sorta reminded me of a couple a movies that I enjoyed like:

V for vendetta

It wasn't as good as any of them but it just reminded me of them. I also paid my gas bill today, which is running competition with my phone bill for the top spot.

I then went with the other ALTS in the night to our English conversation thingy. We had a whole bunch of food there so we all ate and chatted. There is not much fun things to do in our country area, so we have to meet and create our fun, the cities are too far away.

Ohh and If you heard about the earthquake (http://www.voanews.com/english/2008-07-23-voa64.cfm) , no I didn't feel it, some of my friends felt it though. My friend who I did the presentation with in Narita said it was the most horrible 40 seconds of his entire life, as his apartment is on the 4th floor.

Any way likkle more

1 comment:

zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave...i liked your comment about Wanted..it reminded u about those moves BUT it wasn't better at all.

And the article on the tremor doesn't tell it's measurement on the Rictor Scale.