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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 108 - Saturday, July 5, 2008

Day 108

I woke up this morning at 5:50 am knowing that it was going to be a long day. I got ready then drove for about 30 mins (because the road was empty, normally it would by 1 hour) to get to a place in the Hiroshima prefecture known as Tojo. There I met the lady that trimmed my hair at about 7:30 am and she followed me to the bus station. I got into the bus at about 8:05 am and it took 2 hours to get to Hiroshima city. Now, this is the very first place that I have been to so far (outside of the airport and the hotels) where no one was giving me the strange stares. I went there with that expectation of the weird stares because its the regular, but to my surprise there was none. I met up with my Jamaican friend Stephanie who is from my training group. This is the first time since April 25, I am having a face to face conversation with a fellow Jamaican. Stephanie followed me to buy some Japanese clothes and then we went to a deli place to eat.

We then went to the bombing site and took some pictures of the dome that the bomb was heading towards. I had no clue that the bomb didnt even touch the ground but apparently exploded maybe 600 m in the air, directly above this dome shown. The destruction was catostrophic. These guide people (a man and a lady) came up to me and Stephanie while we were walking. I must admit that I initially thought that they were going to charge us some fee or ask us for money but nothing like that. The man said he is one of the survivors of the bomb and he bagan to tell us a couple of interesting stories about the bombing and the radiation thing. He said he and his mom were getting really really sick but maybe it was luck it seem, they got healthy and he is now 62 and his mom maybe 90 something I think. He also said that there were about 70,000 unidentified persons who were buried. He said the government issued this type of certificate thing to people who were victims of the bomb, but many didnt want to take it at the time. They didnt want it because persons would scorn them if they knew that they were in the vicinity of the bomb. But now many of them want it because it can allow them to pay only a fraction of the cost for medical expenses. Unfortunately, many of the persons who can prove that these people were actually victims of the bombing, died. The damage done by the bomb was so extensive because after the bomb blast, there was this thing called blackrain that fell from the sky. This blackrain thing contained huge amounts of radioactive dust and ray ray. Also there were fires all over the place.

Stephanie and myself then walked through this park known as "Peace Park", in order to get to the Hiroshima museum. This museum contains many many photos and information about the bombing and all kind of things from people who were victims... Just to even imagine what happened give me the creeps. It was good though to see people from all over, forigners galore. I saw Indians, Jewish, whites, blacks (to a less extent but they were still there), Latin American looking and all sort of people. I like this city, and its really beautiful. Its amazing how the Japanese people worked together to make Hiroshima how it is now. Hiroshima is now the 11th largest city in Japan in terms of population. It has an estimated population of 1.2 million people. In the city, there are many many people, oh boy I guess I can`t have it all. Nice city with many friends around. This city is just wonderful and has a nice international population hence people wont look at you strange. At the major city in my prefecture (Okayama city) is a different business, is one whole heap of stares and second looks, and its not buzzing with people.

Me and Stephanie then met up with our other Jamaican friend, Dwight who was also a part of our training group. Dwight was giving me all type of stories about how many numbers him get and ray ray. So they are jealous of me because I have many friends around and I am jealous of them because they live in a very nice international city. Dwight came along with this Doctor guy who is from Indonesia and we all went to this game shop and played air hockey and some other fun stuff. This city is so much fun.

After all this, I had to rush to get the 5:00 pm bus, I cannot believe how quickly the time went by. Meeting 2 Jamaicans in 1 day is a bonus. I had to take the 5 pm bus because I was rushing back to Church where they were having a guess what??? BARBECUE!!! I thought for a while that I missed my stop but that didnt happen. I got back in Tojo at about 7:30... I put down some speeding back to my area because I wanted to catch the Barbecue... When I got there, they were saying the closing prayer, but heyyyy nuff food did lef back :) :) :) so I ate to my heart`s content .... Hey, I never ever had a "just for fun" barbecue with us doing our own thing, anywhere in Jamaica. Is always some fund raising thing weh certain people alone allowed to be around the grill. Here, everbody just do their own thing out in the open. Might be if I decided to call over a few friends in my Waterford community in Portmore, Jamaica.... after wi put up the fire and start the barbecue, 2 gun man might run through the area and fire 2 shot; yuh know seh barbecue haffi done same time... Any way, I eventually got back to my apartment at about 10:30 pm and jumped straight into bed.

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Derri said...

How yuh so neg Dave, bout the gunmen and the BBQ? Of course BBQ can gwann out here. A true what yuh seh though bout them always being fundraisers.