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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 649 { To Bohol and Panglao } Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 649 { To Bohol and Panglao }

The Philippines Day 7

We took a ferry today from Cebu to another island name Bohol. It was a relatively smooth 2 hours sail on the ferry. We had no clue where in Bohol we were going to sleep because every where on the internet was booked or we just couldn't get in touch with them. So we got information at the information area when we actually got to Bohol. We again had to use the tricycle things to get to where we were going to stay, at this hostel name Marbella.

When we got to Marbella, the cost for 1 night per room was somewhere in the region of US $15 per night. So we checked in then headed out to a beach area name Panglao..... However, to get to Panglao, we had to take another tricycle, then a 1 hour ride on a bus. We took the tricycle to the bus terminal and a bus was there waiting. At first, we decided not to take it, because we would have to stand up. But then we were informed that there are not many of these buses running. So if we missed this one, then we may have to wait a while....

We took the 1 hour bus journey to Panglao then we ate there. The girls went into the beach but I stayed and watched the bags... I'm not a fan of beaches since my cousin drowned... I will go there and stay on the sand, but that's about it. When we were ready to head out, we were informed that the buses stopped running at the time we were ready. So, it was either going to be a tricycle or a cab... the cab was almost double the money, but we took it back...

We didn't stop at the hostel, we went to a mall in the area instead... There was some cultural stuff going on at the mall and I watched it for a while. Afterwards, I did some shopping then took a taxi back to the hostel. While going back, I told the taxi guy that, everybody around wants to charge us about US $40 to see some places in Bohol tomorrow. He then said he will charge us a special discount price of around US $ 30.

When the girls got back, they said they will try him out tomorrow.

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