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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Day 13 - April 1, 2008

Day 13

Konnichiwa Tomodachi..

Well of course you know I had to find a place with internet right? Today another ALT came to get me out of the hotel I was staying in. She drives a very little car like the one I am supposed to be getting sooo I had to call the ALT who lives on the same apartment complex with me to come and assist me with my luggage. So yes I moved into my new apartment today, I am sorry I dont have pictures up today as I didnt carry my camera to this Internet place with me.

My apartment is very small but is quite comfortable. I had to buy some stuff though like this thing called a futon..dont know if is suh it spell. but yeah, the one I bought cost about 6000 yen...It is like this thick bed thing that you sleep on along with a thick cover up sheet thinga a majig. So I unpacked all my stuff and placed them around the apartment.

I followed the instruction of our trainer who said not to stay in the apartment the whole night when we just move in ...So I went walking around about 7pm and the road was like a ghost town...every bady gone a dem bed already to raatid. But mi still walk up and dung pon di road same way...probably did some tresspassing on peoples` lawn but yeah.

When I was heading back I saw the ALT who live on my complex just stepping in so we chatted a little and he was saying that he had to renew his drivers licence and passport and I will be doing the same thing next year this time if I decide to renew my contract...Oh if your job people likes you...you can renew your contract indefinitely and eventually be a citizen of Japan...Im not thinking like that however... He said our community is very quiet and very friendly however I see some of the people here giving me the strange look already... I guess it would be the same if we saw someone of another race we are not accustomed to... in the deep rural parts of Jamaica. I heard there has not been a black ALT here in possibly more than 8 years (I wonder why)...so I have work to do.

Well thats it for now...sayonara (yes i googled it ok)


Island Girl said...
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Island Girl said...
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