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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Day 26 - April 14, 2008

Day 26

I learnt some new Japanese words from my co-workers at the school I went to today... thats because I only had two, 40 minute classes and for the rest of the day...there is absolutely nothing else to do, except learn Japanese and plan for next lessons (which takes 5 minutes max). A brand new HEART Trust lesson plan can take anywhere from 2 hours to 8 hours (I am serious). I hope the persons from HEART Trust reading this, knows that I am simply doing a comparison ;) nothing else...

The grade 5 class that I taught today, all I did was introduce myself, talk about Jamaica, tell them a little about our customs etc...then the teacher asked me to sit down...He then placed the class into 2 teams and for the rest of the class, the teams had to gesticulate to me an animal, somewhere in the house, or a sport...If I guessed what the were trying to gesticulate correctly, then a team would get a point?????? That was the English class.....the problem with this is that I had to be smiling all the time...I smiled until my face ached..

I notice a very big difference with the school administration in Japan as against Jamaica. In Jamaica, the principals and vice principals seem to have none stop administrative duties...In Japan, the Vice principal does all the administrative work...which doesn`t seem that much... and I am still trying to figure out what exactly is the role of the principals here in the Japan schools. The only thing I see them do thus far is sometimes pick up garbage around the school, sit and eat, chat with the staff members and thats it...I really dont know what their role is. At one of the schools, the principal wears sweat bottom pants and wind breaker to school...some of the teachers do that too...We ALTs can`t even try dat. Jacket and tie EVERYDAY...until you get an ok from your company as well as the same school administration..Iam some what starting to appreciate the jacket and tie ting now because di place too cold...Sometimes all 5 shirt mi have on wid di Jacket plus one sweater.

I went to a small bible study session in the night, with an ALT and some other new persons I met...It was very interesting. The presenter who is originally from the USA...moved to Japan some years ago...I know its longer than 10 years...because they said the study has been going on for over 10 years :) They have a house cat who I think is 14 or 18 years old they said...as well as a cute little dog that seemed to some how found an undeniable attraction for my right foot...The little bitch/lady dog had to be caged after a while ;) At one point in the study, the cat was making some meow tunes...while the dog was making some crying sounds...like they were building a tune or something...I felt good meeting these people and they were very warm and friendly...

Well take care until tomorrow and peace be with you all :)


ieBrazil said...

hello! good to know you have a blog! I'll take a look at it all the time!

Post pics from Japan! A lot, please!

isaque g. c.

shellz said...

boy dave, i wish every day of my life was interesting enough to make a blog much less make an interesting read... you are living the life man...

Anonymous said...

(this a Kesha)
It is the same with all principals in Japan, I'm sure. Even on tv the principals are watering plants, chatting and what not. The principal at one of my jhs is the sweetest quietest guy ever, but he speaks english so I can't read or do whatever I want. He spoke to me once to compliment my japanese (it was soo sweet). He is too cute (I think I have a crush on the principal). The other principal is cool too, hopefully I can get close to the teacher or at least good terms.

But at one of my elementary schools, the english teachers speak NO english so we planned the lessons completely in japanese, it was really amusing. Hilarious really.

My schools are a riot sometimes. So bizzare at times. Take care, I hope u have fun.