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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day 38 - Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day 38

Yes my nothing to do day. After staying in bed until late as usual on the week ends, I washed and then left for the slow internet place... I then got a call from the same guy who I asked if I could use the internet at his place the other day...He said he is having a little get together chill out night at his apartment...So because I have nothing to do at my apartment, I said "ooh sure". when I ws going, knocked at the door that I thought was his...Only to see another JET ALT come out and said "ooh you going to Alex?, he lives up stairs....Suh yuh know seh last week a mussy di wrong apartment mi did a buzz and a knock down, and ready fi guh write off di yute...AAah bwoy thou shalt not judge...mi feel bad still but a jus suh...Any way when mi reach there him ask mi how mi neva come use the internet the other day..and mi tell him the story...him seh is must the wrong place mi guh because him did deh deh a wait and him nuh hear nuh door bell nor nuh knocking. Another JET ALT was there (the guy I go bible study with -name Darren) and they were looking on some music stuff on youtube...they are really into this instrumental music business and Darren is in this club where he plays some really big Drums, I think they call it tyco or something like that...Some of the other ALTS passed through and then left.

Well I must say that I am one of the few ALTS working for my company who is tremendously blessed with friends around and not many issues or anything like that with my schools and/or living condition...This now is a review of what one of the ALTS in another Prefecture, wrote to us and tell us what she went through last week.....This was what she wrote:

I went to the second middle school this week and was supposed to work at the second elementary school. However I was kinda sick for the most part of the week. Why? Well, because I still didn't have a car or an apartment at the time. And so I had to take the train and walk the rest of the way to school. I left at 6:50am to be there by 8am. Not too bad. The walk is about 25-30mins. The bad part was the weather. It was cold and rainy for half the week and all the umbrella did was keep my head dry because the rain was coming in at all directions. So in combination of being wet and cold all day, because it was no different in the afternoon, I caught a bad cold. So bad I could barely speak due to a horss throat. But I still went to school.

The following week (this week) however I finally moved into my apartment monday night. Which made the commute worst. (My apartment is closer to the school but there is no real transportation). So I had to leave at 6:30am to be to school by 8am. More train time and a longer walk in the cold with a continued cold that got worst on Tues, so I didn't go to work. Mind you, tues is the day I visit 2 schools. Now at this time I still had no phone or internet. So I had to walk to the main road to a car repair shop/ gas station and ask to use a phone at 6:45am. Of course all I could do was leave a message on the managers voice mail and hope.

And to add to the great impression that I was building, I left early about everyday, except for the one I didn't go. It was for many reasons, some related to the company. I had to open a bank account, get a cellphone, car and whatnot. But it was always after my lesson were over. But I must say my second school was...hmm...something else. The students there are awkward and some of the teachers' english is offensive. Not atrocious but offensive, as in, it cuts at the soul. I didn't want to pick favs in the schools but here's why: At one school, they tell me about everything. This is about the school lunch, we expect you to help with the cleaning, you might want to check out some school activities, here is the copy machine, cleaning products, every other thing. But at the first school I feel more like a temp worker. Here is you desk, schedule, ok. Nothing else really. After being sick I come back to find papers on my desk to correct for different classes. Mind you, at the other school the teachers tried to be subtle about this. They would ask me if something sounded weird with the students english papers: and I took this as, can you please check the papers. At the first school, they have no such tact. Its more like: Here!

Bwoy mi haffi pray fi har cause maybe if it was me, I would cut from the second week..

Well laterz


Island Girl said...

Hey, can i get a link to Keisha's blog. Thanks.

Pëbblës said...

Bwoy Dave knowing my kind of luck if i had gotten through i would have probably been in a similar situation as Keisha and i would so not survive.