A true to life drama of a Jamaican male, living and working in Japan since March 2008.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Day 22 - April 10, 2008

Day 22

Today I visited the same school I did yesterday which was really a change of schedule because the school I am to go to on Thursdays, wasnt really ready...so this school took me for the day...All I did was toured the school with the Vice principal (Kyoto Sensei)...and watched some tapes of the past ALT with the Principal (Kiocho Sensei - or something like that)... Watching the tape of the past ALT was kinda boring but I did get some tips from it so it wasnt so bad...

After this I simply sat around all day and looked around the office and sometimes shuffle the papers on my desk to make it look like I am doing work...I was sooo bored and sleepy...When I was working at HEART, you dont get time to bored and sleepy...When work was over I of course visited the internet cafe place...and I saw the new ALT there as well. We then chatted and went to have dinner and the restaurant named JOYFUL...where we further chatted. The food there is pretty good actually...I had a pizza and fries with free all you can drinks coffee/tea and choice drinks. And this place is actually relatively cheap when compared to the other places.

Right now as I speak, I am a little sad for a couple of reasons.. Its pretty nice here except for the cold and the expensive stuff..But I know I have to go back to Jamaica where all manner of fearful stuff going on...Economy going down...crime going up or remaining constant and what have you...but I know I have to go back...Oh and did I mention that I was one of the several unfortunate investors in that aaaahm popular alternative investment place :) So you know I am in no hurry to run come home and hold my head...The further away from it I am...the better ;)

I am also sad because of the death of one of close church sisters back at home :( as well as the loss of someone who was very close to me...not by death this time though (read between the lines). Anyway snap out of it Dave...yes so I asked the ALT on my Apartment complex to help me sort out my lessons for tomorrow and also to translate a letter I saw at my apartment...I saw the letter and the only things I recognised was 6100 yen and 73000 yen...And mi start to wonder if the police saw me speeding to work this morning and send mi a speed ticket...ooh...sorry this morning I thought I would be late so I drove a little faster than normal :) I wont say how fast ...but I managed to get there 12 minutes early... The late part start closing in on you when you are 10 minutes early....In the training they told us..10 minutes early means 10 minytes late...so my aim always is to reach to work at least 30 mins before...

Continuing...the ALT said it wasnt a speed ticket but it was actually my insurance...which means I pay 6100 yen per month for car insurance ... and a grand total of 73000 yen...And thankfully they dont have the system here that send you a ticket in your mail whew...that was a close one....

Day 23 is somewhat of an adventure as well...as this was one of the way out schools I didnt know the directions for...and had to be using a map....Until then see you next blog (Day 23)..... ;)


Island Girl said...

I don't know how experienced you are with cold weather dressing but this is my advice, if you want it:
Wear layers - wear a sweat pants under your jeans/ pants, and cotton t-shirt and or longsleeve cotton t-shirt under your sweater. Thermal under clothes is available but may cost some money so you can just make do trying these things. Cotton is best and worn close to the body is good to keep in heat.
Get a wool jacket or coat, or even an insulated jacket (not a light spring jacket). They come in shorter or longer styles - your choice.
Wear a tam/wool cap over your head to keep in the warmth, and use it cover your ears. You lose most of your heat from your head and ears get cold very quickly. Also get a scarf - keeping your throat warm prevents hoarseness etc. Gloves help, but are optional to your style. You can probably get these little accesories at the 100 yen stores there, like the dollar stores here.
Finally, I understand that disposable heating pads worn under clothes/ in shoes are sold fairly cheaply at the yen stores too. Good luck and keep warm.

Danique said...

Yea things kinda ruff down here, but you know what? Even in the midst of the storm God can give us a reason to smile. So cheer up bro! Who knows, maybe ur Jap experience will expose u to some bright ideas that can work well in the jamaican context,to ur benefit & to the benefit of others :)

Oh and about the loss now...God can restore what has been lost (read between the lines). So don't fret it or sweat it:)
Jaa Mata!

Ebiakpo-aboere said...

hey sorry to hear about both your losses...i pray that GOD will grant you peace...take care of you and just continue to keep strong

Donna-lee said...

dave i've been behind on my reading but still loving every minute of the past episodes....bwoy mi nuhh wah fi seh sometimes i'm worried for u then i'm excited wondering whats gonna come next. you really do a good of keeping the suspence going. the whole dreams things its a natural human phenoma that keeps you connected to whats familiar to you especially when in a stange place. dont worry though things will work out i'm sure they are already, i have more reading to do. keep da faith bro.
ps mi see seh you get phone and i dont have the number...hint...lol