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Friday, April 25, 2008

Day 36 - Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day 36

Ok I never got to post day 36 the exact day after because I was at a meeting out of my town on day 37 (when I would have done the actual posting). I got back home in the night when the internet place lock up... to Michelle, Japan is 14 hours ahead of Jamaica, Im posting this at
4:30 pm on Saturday afternoon so its 2:30 am there Saturday morning (U probably sleeping now).

Today I found the school that I was supposed to go to (My Thursday school) quite easily, as opposed to last week when I was supposedly heading for the Hiroshima airport instead of the school. Today I had to run up and dung wid di pikney dem again and guess who is the ring leader of all this?? Nuh di pikney name MAIKA, I wonder if her parents liked the name JAMAIKA, spell it wrong and call har suh??? They were taking me all over the school campus and also attempting to teach me Japanese (Nihongo). They would point on some objects and tell me the Japanese name while expecting me to repeat it...sometimes they would laugh at me trying to pronounce it correctly.. (Isnt that sweet). A teacher was walking up and down with a camera taking pictures of me and the kids...I can only hope that she has good intentions!!!

I printed off some forms from the German embassy website, that I need to full out in order to get there. I also posted the letter to my company, based on their request of obtaining a copy of my motor vehicle documents. I asked one of the JET ALTS (the one who is Japanese/Canadian) if I could check my email at his place, as he said any of us could stop by and use his internet as long as he is there...He said sure but he just need to clean up his place a bit...when I got there I pressed the buzzer once, no answer, I waited and pressed 2 more times...no answer, I then knocked on the door and heard some sort of shuffling and running up and down...after waiting for a total of about 15 minutes... I jus drive guh a mi yard cause mi nuh know what was going on....I dont even want to imagine either....him neva call mi back and seh mi still can check it, suh mi jus leave that alone... I won`t be asking again for sure...

I got my first electricity bill today and it came to 2500 yen...this is less than what I pay for car fuel per week. I thought it would be much more cause mi always keep on the AC on warm temperature every now and again to heat up my apartment which is an ice box... Our apartments trap the cold inside even if outside relatively warm...I hear in summer it going to be hotter than Jamaica though.

I am starting to wonder how I am going to get a job in Jamaica that I truly going to be comfortable with after doing this in Japan. Right now, mi nuh have nuh supervisor in mi back bothering mi for work...and any body to criticise what I`m doing... If you are not doing something right, all you will do is get a call from yuh company...so far is only one of those calls I get and that was for the lunch business...So it feels like I`m my own manager...Cause I don`t really report to anyone....and mi company only occationally bother mi bout fax copy of this and that. My Resume also looks ugly as I have never been in a job for over a year and a half since graduating from UTECH.. and I am yet to get a job fully in my field of study..My work experience (when I`m back in Jamaica God`s willing) should look something like this:

MayPen Primary (computer teacher) - 8 mths
Garmex HEART Academy (Data Operations Facilitator) - 1 year and 8 month
<> Japan (English Instructor) - 1 year

Which part going to hire mi, with this running away from jobs every minute???

Any way later...


Island Girl said...
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Island Girl said...

LOL. Your resume dilema sounds so familiar. I am suffering from the same affliction one big gap, filled with some volunteer stuff, and little degree related work experience in various industries/companies for no extensive period of times. The thing is though that you have a trend in an area, teaching, that could help you. I think you need to look at the transferrable skills and you might actually feel better.

The experience in Japan is one of my concerns in terms of how it will help in career development especially in Jamaica. What do you and the other ALT's,especially the Jamaican's think? Or are they not planning on returning home?