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Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 78 - Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 78

Ok im not going to mention anything more about turning on the computer in the mornings because clearly something wrong wid mi.

I taught 3 classes instead of the normal 4 at this school today. What they did though was to combine the grades 5 and 6 together to give a grand total of about 24 students. This was the biggest class had to teach ever, except when I thought 25 students at a school and the 25 was the entire school. This lesson for the combined class was about different food like Spaghetti, tea and chocolate cake etc. The reason why they combined the classes was because the students here had to clean their pool as well. And Richard I dont think the stuff in the picture yesterday was any form of solid or liquid from the body...but then again who knows... Well they scrubbed it out still.

I went to soccer training after I went home and changed off. There was this new Japanese yute and the kids were trying to tell him about me being there every week etc. But he said he already knew about me being there and what not... How him know?? Your guess is as good as mine... Boyyy the popularity I tell yuh.... Any way mi ask him what him did study in college and di man seh baby sitting????? So he is a trained baby sitter??? Where in the world do you find a male BABY SITTER??? Ohh I know somewhere....JAPAN!!! If there was any such thing in Jamaica, the first ting dem going to do is think that its effeminate, then there after them going to beat it out of him...Then one of the DJs dem going to sing bout it.

Went to our usual ALT link up after the soccer practice. This time they actually left food for me, and nobody was rushing to prepare something because they forgot about the black guy... wow I feel better now. We ate and watched this long time show name "Revenge of the ninja" ... It long time but it wasn't too bad... Plus the comments of my other foreign friends made it even more funny and entertaining. Maybe if I was watching it alone it wouldn't be as much fun..

Well laterz


Royalti said...

Bwoy Dave da movie deh ole star...mi watch it from mi about 3 and u know i only look young...lol. Keep njoying tho., still much is there to be desired k. Peace.

Derri said...

Well Dave, bout the morning computer thing... its called self-control. Yes that thing and not all of us have mastered it (me worse…) However there is hope as Paul told Timothy that this is one of the things the Holy Spirit helps us with (2 Timothy 1:7) so I guess we have to claim it and access it…