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Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 85 - Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 85

After my final class today, I saw the teacher and the students rushing away. They were heading for the pool. All I could do is just stand and watch :( and wish I could dive in the pool myself because the days are getting extremely HOT!!! now...Im going to start carrying some swim wear... Only the days alone hot though...But my friends told me that this is only the beginning, because when it touch August, its going to be toasting. Today is the first time I had to turn on the cold AC in my car.

In the staff office at this school they now have a rabbit. In all my life, I have never seen a rabbit in a school staff room until today. The Japanese kids are also very friendly with bugs and some weird Japanese insects and lizards that I've never seen before. This little kid in the picture decided to catch a very strange looking Japanese lizard and show me. The teacher holding it up said they are harmless, but mi still nuh like how dem look. Hey these Japanese kids can also draw incredibly well... You would be amazed by even the kids at grade 2 drawing skills. My JET ALT bredrin also said they are very good with making some really cool costumes from scratch.

My company called me today telling me that the gas people trying to get in touch with me, for me to pay my gas bill....For some strange reason, these people want to come to our apartments at 1 pm and 2 pm when everybody gone work, and some how expect us to be home. I tell you these Japanese are something else.

After work, I went home, then to soccer practice with the kids. This time, the kids decided to put me in the goal....What a mistake; from I know myself, I cannot keep goal, and chances are if a ball come towards me, it might go straight in there. So my little side got 2-0 off 2 very simple goals....ARRGGGG... Hey its still fun....

After soccer I went to another ALT link up, and this night was known as Octopus balls night... No no no its not what you are thinking so don't bother wid it... Its actually octopus that they cut up in tiny pieces then put them in flour and some other stuff and roll it into a ball, then fry it....At the link up I was chatting with this JET ALT yute that I dont see that often, as well as his Japanese girlfriend. He too join the band wagon and said I should write a book about my life, and he wasn't speaking about the Japan experience either. I told him a little about me going through high school to University and he thought it was quite interesting. He also said that he is considering to take up writing and that kind of thing and would be more than willing to do a biography on my life... He said further more, "Not many people know about Jamaica".... As much as we created Reggae, have the fastest runners, have a famous coffee etc etc... He said yup, not many people know that Jamaica exists... I started noticing this fact in 2005 when I went to Virginia in the USA to a world camp. I was shocked that some of the people were asking me where was Jamaica located and if we speak English etc...This girl I met from CzechRepublic even thought that Jamaica was some sort of tribe in Africa to blow wow...Others however knew very well about Jamaicans. Like this Italian yute that I also met at the world camp in Virginia, who could hardly speak English but was showing me a weed symbol on his shirt that wrote a big JAMAICA on it... Then showing me thumbs up... This German guy who I met in Brazil said his impression of Jamaica was a bunch of black people killing off each other (No comments).

I have been getting a couple of the "where is Jamaica??? and do they speak English??" questions here in Japan.... But a few of them do know about Jamaica, because about 5 teachers come to me already and told me about Bolt breaking the world record... This girl from the English conversation went on further to say that I resemble Bolt?????? Obviously shi lick har head some weh... But then again, Japanese thinks that all black people as well as all white people, look the same....

Hey Stewart, is not mi Japanese pronunciation mi have problems with, is only the spelling.

Hey Keisha, I'm supposed to be going to Germany to attend a conference for Baptist youths and youth workers from all over the world. It is known as the Baptist World Alliance Youth Congress (15th). It is held every 5 years in a different country. Last time it was in Hong Kong. I have been waiting for this opportunity for some time now....

Blessings people...


luciana said...

Yes sir. get the free hair cut, not that u need it. u may want to go back to basics with the canerow. u bound to get some more attention. all the best with germany.

and think about the book. somewhere there is someone dying to read ur story for inspiration

Royalti said...

Tell u favour is on u Dave! And do get me a souvenir from Germany K...lol