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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 90 - Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 90

The teachers today who don`t normally follow the schedule, suddenly started giving me lesson plans. WOW I wonder what happened??? Could it be that the kocho sensei at my main school spoke to them about my little problem??? Even though one of the teachers decided to meet with me and talk about our lesson, on our way to the class.... its still better than teaching something totally different from what is on the schedule... One of the other teachers now just decided to change my class time today without telling me...Whats up with some of these Japanese??? Well its good that I dont have many major plans within work time because they just pop and change my class times when they feel like it. And I better be flexible about it.... At least he apologised about it... The one on Friday didnt apologise at all, he simply said changey changey...

They had pool time today at this school and I was sooo tempted to jump in. But unfortunately I was in my work clothes; the other teachers in the pool were however having a whale of a time... . I just sat by the pool side and watched them having fun... The English coordinator said I can go in there when I have the necessary stuff.

So after work I went to the plaza and bought a towel and a swimming cap.

I paid my gas bill today and it came up to 8500 yen which is for 2 months... I can't believe my gas bill is more expensive than my electricity and water bills combined. And its only used for cooking and for hot water in the shower and kitchen... I also got back my bank card today and I won't forget the number this time ;) I hope...


zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave...what u need swimming cap for?
You creme hair going to get messed up? - lol, ROFL

Go easy man...u only need towel, slippers and trunks.

Swimming cap - rofl
U training for Japan Olympic team??


Anonymous said...

They may be giving lesson plans because Interac told them to. I was told by one of the teachers that the principal got paper work from the company about lesson plans and schedule changes.

They thought I complained to interac, which I didn't. I don't have any issues with the lesson plans. (kesha)