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Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 302 { Car Overheating AGAIN / Cleaning Teeth } - Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 302 { Car Overheating AGAIN / Cleaning Teeth }

Heading to work this morning and my car started to overheat AGAIN...I stopped at the gas station and the guy was basically saying that maybe its because of the snow business. He then assured me that the car is fine... But these guys love to say everything is fine, especially when they not sure whats wrong or when they cant be bothered. Then shortly after you will hear them say tabun daijyobu... (Maybe its fine)... Anyway, the teachers at this school told me that my friday school is really really dangerous to drive to and I should contemplate taking the train there...But hear the problem now:

1) Train more expensive than driving
2) I have to wake up at about 6am to catch the train as against 7am when driving
3) I have to walk for 15 minutes to my school then wait about 1hr and 30 mins before my frist class begins...

I told them that I would rather drive first just to see how it goes...

After work I went to the dentist. One of the ladies there knew me but the receptionist girl gave me the usual suprising "Wow a black guy in Niimi!!!??" stare... the cleaning was a little more expensive than normal because I didnt have the health insurance thing from Japan. Get this though, its not actually a dentist who does all the cleaning and stuff, its someone known as a dental hygienist... The dentist deals with the more complicated matters like the massive amounts of rotting teeth that people in this area tend to have... In Jamaica, its the dentist that does almost everything.

1 comment:

zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

Dave...u need to stop spread propaganda bout in Jamaica this and that. I don't know what type of cheap ass dentist u go to but Dentists don't normally do cleaning. It's always the Dental Technician or Hygienists.
Stop go to your Mango Tree dentist dem and go to proper dentist.