Day 314 { Running From the Foreigner } - Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 314 { Running From the Foreigner }

Today I went to the English conversation class thing at the Niimi College and one of the American girls was doing a presentation about the native Americans. She gave us this thing that the native americans made from flour called fry bread and this other thing called Wild rice. After the presentation, one of the Japanese students who loves to draw, gave me a drawing that she did of Kurosaki Ichigo and Byakuya from the Bleach Anime.

When everything was over, me and the Indonesian guy followed the white Zimbabwaian dude to his new apartment. The guy is paying less than me for a much better looking apartment...The only thing is that it has a big and somewhat deep gutter/gully infront of it... So if you are walking carelessly, you can fall in. He proceeded to tell us a story about what happened to him yesterday. He said he was in his apartment then he opened the door and saw three Japanese girls. He said they looked like high school or somewhere in that age group......When the girls saw him, the three of them had the exact response. They screamed and ran in three different directions in fear...He said that one of the girls even jumped over the wide gutter/gully, almost fell in it (possibly even injuring herself), then galloped across a field, then climbed over a wall, running for her life ?????????????????????????? Now Now seriously.... I almost died with laughter when he told me.......He said he almost died with laughter when he saw the incident..... Thats how backward SOME of the people are in this area, when it comes to foreigners...I am sure that almost everywhere in the world there is a community similar to this right???

Richard - Yes I still read xenlogic's blog and even make comments on it from time to time...I commented on his most recent post about Obama. Also remember that I am somewhat new to the car thing as well as this extreme cold thing...So I am just finding out about stuff now... Tomorrow I will get the coolant.


Anti-Freeze Dave...not just any coolant. Make sure it labelled Antifreeze.