Day 308 { Obama Day ??? } - Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 308 { Obama Day ???}

Sorry about that blank post previously...I accidentally pressed enter before writing the blog...This is going to be a long post posibly with many errors so prepare yourselves..

Today was one of the American girl Alts around here birthday... So a couple of us met up and had dinner together. I will continue this after I write this small prelude to the rest of todays story...

Culture Shock
So all my life I was never really self-concious about my race until I went to Virginia at a Christian camp in July of 2005. Then coming to Japan made it even worst....(So much so that I get scared occationally just to walk inside a supermarket)....Thats because in Jamaica, even though the predominant race is black, we are a nation of mixed-races...Chinese, Labanese, white and all sort of mixes can be found in Jamaica. you name it and we got them here... Additionally, if you go to the beach resorts on the north coast and even sometimes inside of the airport in Montego Bay, it is very possible to see more white people than blacks...However, on the outside world, some people that don't really know about Jamaica, automatically assume that all Jamaican are of dark complection...Better yet, BLACK... Case in point, my Canadian friend here thought that Sean Paul was faking his accent and that he hates Sean Paul because he is trying to act like a Jamaican!!!! ...Hmmm And I am sure there are tonnes of people who think the same thing as well.

So to the best of my knowledge, most Jamaicans should have a fair understanding of different skin tones (maybe with the exception of those who live deep deep in the innercity and only know the way of life there). And also to the best of my knowledge, most Jamaicans probably never have experienced racism in any way or form within Jamaica...Maybe class prejidice but thats it...
Apparently some Americans seem to think that as long as you are are of a certain mindset...and they probably think we are exactly like the African-Americans in the USA... hmmm totally different cultures....

Diversity of cultures
So I like diversity and different cultures and the meeting of different people from different places. However, in my area of Niimi now, the Americans are the dominant group...There are 2 Canadians but Canada and America is like the same country to people looking on from the outside. Then there is me...and now the new white Zimbabwe guy....If I could choose the people to come in the area, I would choose a more diversified set of people from all over the planet, just like when I went to Brazil...I like that kind of feeling to hear from many different cultures...
When all the Americans meet up with me as the loan Jamaican... I feel a little outnumbered in the conversations especially when they start to talk about all this American stuff. However to be totally fair...I guess anywhere you go, the dominant group of people in any setting will tend to talk more about things familiar to them...

Continuing story 1
So continuing from up top...A couple of us were there in the restaurant talking and eating.. And then the arguments started to spin off in the America America direction... My friend from Zimbabwe is very very familiar with the american culture and these topics so he joined in seemlessly... I was there just staring and listening... This new guy can hold a conversation with any group of people, because he seem to watch every movie, Tv show, trailer and even anime there is, plus he knows the actors and the directors names of all of them.. Me on the other hand...if the actor is not popular, I may not know his name at all... Don't even ask me about a director outside of Stephen Speilberg (is he a director by the way lol)...Anyway so I was quiet for a good 30 mins while they were all talking away on their topics of interest...They then started to talk about some race stuff that happens in America and apparently a couple of them seem to know of white people in the states that just dont like BLACK people... I told this to my Japanese friend and she was in denial and saying that those days are gone.... Well she can live in her denial.... So the American guys started to talk about some redneck people I guess who just dont like black people...And the birthday girl said unfortunately she knoow of a couple a persons like that as well...I am just wondering though..Even if the black person isnt from the USA these "Red necks" people just dont like them/us???? And is it only the Black race that they dont like???? But why really though??? Well honestly again, being very general because every single race on the planet has many good and many bad people.... Its unfortunate that the predominantly black communities/countries in this world are full of poverty, violence and curroption...And these communities/countries are in most cases, yet to prove themselves to the world that they can unite as a people...So again, many many black people who live in these sometimes very dangerous areas, are still trapped in their minds...And need to break free from the stupid, get rich quick and, having babies everywhere and killing eachother mentality. There is a similar trend in these places like someparts of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens (New York), Matthews Lane, Southside, waterhouse (Jamaica) ... parts of Somalia, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe (African Continent)....Only God himself can speak to these predominantly black people it seem to get them to stop the foolishness.

America, African-Americans and Obama
So in a sense its good to know from the Americans what is really going on in their country and their view of other cultures... I wonder how farfetched it is to say that America is one of the most racist countries on the planet against black people??? A mean they fought a civil war where slavery was possibly the top item on the Agenda, while Abraham Lincoln was president... I must say its wayyy different now than even say 40-50 years ago...But they still have a long way to go...People would probably now say that "ooooh but the president now is black" ... a mean look what that guy had to go through in his campaign thing...And its nothing more than because of skin colour... Why does it have to be like this??? Then the worst thing is that they put this guy almost on the level of a god... some people are yet to realise that this guy is no magician..he is just an ordinary man and a very wise, intelligent and skilled politician with nice words... I saw in the news that Antigua is going to name its highest mountain off Obama..... Seriously though why??? What has he done for Antigua?? He is probably unaware that there is country by that name.... I must admit that it does feel good to know though that somebody who is black could rise out of the dirt of slavery and eventually become the leader of the most powerful nation in the world currently....

Remembering my trip to Virginia in 2005
Again I remember from the camp I went to Virginia in 2005 when I was one of the only 2 black guys, lost in a crowd of over 500 white people.. I became friend with many many of them to this day... One of them outrightly told me that if she should marry a black guy, her gran mother would have nothing to do with her again....Why??? Seriously??? Is it the same if she got married to a Chinese or someone fromsome other race...or is it just this thing only against Blacks.. whereever on eart they are??? Another guy mentioned to me that his grandfather was a member of the KKK ...hmmmm and based on history, those people especially hate Nig#@rs... speaking of that N word...How did the rap guys come by this thing to call eachother by that name and its a racial word with bad connotations??? How and Why??? So much so that I remember when one of the girls around here said something about "Just like how BLACK PEOPLE are reclaiming the N word" ...... Well you wont hear me using that term or any sort of racial words whether by fun or otherwise... I am a firm believer in accepting someone for who they are...No matter where they come from or how they look...

Continuing story 2
So again continuing what happened today before going off on that tangent, one of the girls asked me if I was going to another get together tomorrow...She said it will be a celebration dubbed "Obama night" I said, "nope won't be there"... so she asked me why...and I simply said "Because I am not an American!!" .... the girl was like "Are you even a citizen in the world, something something???" then another girl jumped up "and hey remember Obama is BLACK!!!" .... I was like"What the hell???" And there was another girl yet who was jokingly hushing her up.... Ohh bwoyyy.....
So what if some Brits were keeping a "Gordon Brown" night...would she attend because "Gordon Brown" is White???

I long for that day when race will never be an issue in determining whatever....And by whatever I mean anything at all... I long for that day when the world can live peacefully in love and unity... Unfortunately history has proven otherwise and I guess as human beings we are all just innately wicked, and its up to us to eventualy kill that innate wickedness within us. Maybe only in heaven we will find this peace that I am looking for..

Peace and love everyone


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