Day 317 { No Skiing Today :( } - Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 317 { No Skiing Today :( }

I should have gone skiing today instead of going to teach but a teacher told me that because the whether forecast said it will rain, they will have to put it off. I really want to try it out though but I guess it will have to be next month. So, because they had already planned to go skiing, we had to take our own lunch to work... At least I didnt have to be wondering what is going to be served for lunch, and whether I like it or not. So I bought spaghetti and some salami stuff along with fried chicken cartilage I think... All this with a big box of Orange juice... before eating, a couple a teachers asked me if I liked spaghetti and if I can drink off the box of orange juice... I also noticed that the kids were kinda staring on while I was eating.... I found out afterward when I got home that the teachers would prefer me drinking, milk, tea or water than orange juice at lunch time... And not necessarily eating spaghetti stuff..... Welll Thats just too bad for them...