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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 594 { No NHK? } Tuesday, November, 3, 2009

Day 594 { No NHK? }

Stayed in most of the day, then went to a restaurant with a friend later in the evening. I however got a disturbing email from the video camera guy who shoots my show. It said that my company don't approve of NHK (the Japan station) videoing me.... The camera guy said he spoke to the branch manager of my company and he said that they had problems with TV people...

I honestly think its because my company knows that they are doing some shady things, and they have in fact been zeroed in on a couple of times for their shady way of doing stuff. I called the head office instantly, and asked them if there is some policy against ALTs going on TV... The person could not answer me and asked me what my branch said????? In other words, anything that my branch says goes... I can understand if they tell them not to video my schools, but if its me in my private life, not interfering with company policies then I don't understand... I plan to seek some more clarification on this matter because I have a video shoot in 2 days.

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