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Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 596 { My Show Season 3 Video Shoot } Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 596 { My Show Season 3 Video Shoot }

Today I did my first video shoot for season 3 at my school with the worst grade 6 class. The camera man told me again that they asked my company if NHK could do a video shoot of me outside of work. Which would be a private matter. Can you believe that my company said NO!!! The camera man said my company is strange (as we who work for them knows very well). I was very very upset and told the camera man to tell NHK that its fine to video me in private, just don't include my schools or anything with my company.

The video shoot went well but I was still angry, so I called my company and asked the person in charge of the ALTs "what was going on" and how can they make decisions for me about what I want to do privately????? The guy in charge of ALTS (Managing Consultant) then said its the manager of the branch who told NHK and the Board of Education that they should not film me. I told him to ask the manager WHY???? Did he make a decision for me about something not related to the company???? He then said he will ask the manager and get back to me...

Throughout the day at school I was wondering when since my company can make decisions for ALTS about non-company related issues. Everybody was quite shocked and disappointed about my company's decision. Everybody including my school, the camera men, the NHK people, the Board of Education and of course me. Anyway, in the evening, I also had a video shoot at the Board of Education, so before I went, I called the managing consultant guy again for my branch of the company. I asked him if he got in touch with the manager and he said not yet because they had no time. I told him then that I was going to go ahead and tell NHK that its fine to video me privately as long as it has nothing to do with where I work or my schools. He said ok BUT he still will have to speak to the manager... I told him that's fine with me...

I then did the video shoot at the board of education, and it went pretty well. Me and the camera man was also discussing about how messed up my company is.

Later in the evening, I went football and finally I scored.. I scored 3 goals against the opposing team. One of the guys who I play football with, also did a scene on my tv show today...

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