Day 597 { I know Pinan Niidan } Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 597 { I know Pinan Nidan }

I wore my new coat to work today. And as I entered the teacher's room, the vice principal and the office lady shouted kakuwi (Thats so cool). The vice principal also said "Dandy"..... I smiled then took my seat. However, when I went to teach the grade 1 students, the shouted ona no, ona (its a girl's coat). They said that a males's coat should be ankle length... I made sure to check this out with my friend, who reassured me that its a males coat and that the grade 1 kids dont know any better.

The camera man for my show said that he spoke to the NHK guy who would feature my show but the guy said that he wanted to view the entire show, not just a part of it. So he is very very very disappointed in my company's decision. I am still waiting on a call from my managing consultant to tell me the reason why the dis approved of the filming. I still can't seem to get an answer.

After work today, I went to karate. I now learnt the new Kata style name pinan niidan. So now I know 2 kata styles under my new belt. Whatever colour my new belt will be.


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