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Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 469 { Frog At Work / Wickedness/Election In Japan Soon } Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 469 { Frog At Work / Wickedness /Election In Japan Soon }

Frog At Work
The office lady asked me today if I liked frogs... So I told her "Nooo wayy".. She then called me to show me a baby frog that was crawling up the wall near the bathrooms. I looked, then take away myself shortly after looking at it. I hate every kind of insect and small animal that exist, except birds and pet fish maybe. Frogs, lizards and spiders are very nasty...

I then saw the office lady chasing the frog down the corridar, which looked quite funny. Because she was a bit scared of the frog as well. So I was watching her at the door chasing the frog up and down the corridar for about 2 mins. I think she caught it, not sure what she did with it though, and not interested either.

In the evening I went to the Wednesday English conversation thing and they were teaching us kanji. I caught on to a few of the easy kanji.

If anybody knows the amount of wickedness that takes place on earth especially by many of the rich and powerful people, you would cringe. Certain kinds of wickedness and injustices are very popular in the poorer nations, where the rich guys take full advantage of the countries bad economy.

I read this story about 3 rich and powerful Japanese men, who were attempting to do same to Myanmar... The stort below just made me sad...

Three people are under arrest on suspicion of attempting to export to Myanmar without a government permit a measuring instrument that could be used in weapons production, according to the Kanagawa Prefectural Police.

The suspects arrested Monday allegedly attempted to export in January a magnetic measuring device that could be converted to produce missiles and other weapons of mass destruction.

The gauge was to be sent from Yokohama port to Myanmar via Malaysia, the police said.

The three suspects are Keiko Ri, 41, president of Tokyo-based trading house Toko Boeki, Miaki Katsuki, 75, president of machinery maker Riken Denshi Co., and Yasuhiko Muto, 57, president of trading house Taikyo Sangyo Co. All three have admitted to the charge, the police said. http://search.japantimes.co.jp/mail/nn20090701a7.html

Election In Japan Soon
Many people in Japan seem not to like the President Taro Aso. And in the past 4 years, the ruling party - Liberal Democratic Party (LPD) has changed leaders 4 times already. But some guys in the party really really want Taro Aso to go because of his waning popularity. But others are thinking that it will look even worst on the party if they keep changing leaders all the time.

The LDP fell into further disarray Tuesday, with party executives scrambling to stop the movement to oust Prime Minister Taro Aso from spreading as some LDP lawmakers grew louder in their calls to replace the unpopular party chief ahead of the Lower House election.

LDP heavyweights, including former Secretaries General Tsutomu Takebe and Hidenao Nakagawa, have openly called on Aso to step down so he can be replaced before the Lower House election expected to be held in early or late August.

The LDP-New Komeito ruling coalition is widely seen as fighting a losing battle against the opposition camp, led by the Democratic Party of Japan and has recently lost some key local elections.

In an attempt to contain the oust-Aso movement, LDP Secretary General Hiroyuki Hosoda threatened to punish outspoken lawmakers. http://search.japantimes.co.jp/mail/nn20090701a1.html

However, the opposition party - The Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), even though gaining popularity, has some issues to deal with as well. Their party used the names of dead people to do some false stuff... And now their leader is apologising. I guess politics is corrupt and messed up everywhere.

Democratic Party of Japan leader Yukio Hatoyamaadmitted Tuesday that his political fund management body used the names of dead people to make false statements in its funding reports, and offered a public apology.

"I deeply regret that such a thing has happened," he said at a news conference, while denying that he has any intention of stepping down as leader of the main opposition party.

Hatoyama said the incident may have some effect on the upcoming general election, which is widely expected to take place in August, but he added he will try hard to keep the impact to a minimum.

According to Hatoyama, the amount of misstated funds totaled around ¥22 million over four years starting in 2005, but the figure involves no illegal donations.

His management body is believed to have reported in its financial statements contributions by deceased individuals or people who said they never donated to the body.

Hatoyama said he has already dismissed his government-paid secretary who was in charge of accounting for the management body and revised the political funding report, and that he plans to take "appropriate action" against a secretary in charge of policy.

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