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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 471 { Karate Competition / Ekaiwa Party } Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 471 { Karate Competition / Ekaiwa Party/ Aum Shinriku}

Karate Competition

Today at karate practice, there wasnt really practice, there was a competition. Its almost the same like the weekly practice, except that :

1) The karate teachers will be grading your routine

2) People from the outside will be watching you

Number 1 is not a problem, but number 2 is a little intimidating. Especially since I am yet to master this routine. I wanted to take my camera today and ask some one to tape it, but I forgot it in my rushing..... So maybe next week I will try harder to remember so I can show you the madness I do in karate class.

Anyway, when I went into the karate gym, the black belt high school and jr.high school kids, ran to get me and told me to start practising, because I should be going up in a few minutes.... Instantly I started to get nervous. Because people were looking on and the teachers were judging. So I started practising like crazy for about 7 minutes, then the students told me thats it.... Practise time is over.....

There were only 3 adults that were going to participate in this karate routine thing. 2 ladies and myself. One lady was about 38 and the other was around 42. There is no one else in my age group here. I noticed though that in the grading, every single person got scores between 7.4 - 7.8. Not a soul got over 7.8 and not a soul got below 7.4. I was there chatting with the ladies for a while then it was time for us to go and do our routine infront of the crowd of people. I did my routine and I of course got amongst the lowest scores. I got mostly 7.5s, one 7.4 and maybe one 7.6. So guess what???? I came 3rd !!!! Yeah out of 3 people I came third so I will be getting a certificate for my third place :) :) :)

Ekaiwa Party

The Tuesday English converstaion thing I normally go to, had a little eating party thing tonight. So I went there immediately after. They actually changed the English conversation thing into a club now... And a first year student name Hitomi ひとみ is the president of the club. I met a couple of the other persons who decided to join the club as well. This anime loving girl name Yuu ゆう said she heard about me through one of her friends that came to the "reggae music playing" bar last Tuesday. We all had a good little time, talking and eating.

Aum Shinriku

After the eating party, I went to a little bar with an English speaking Japanese guy. We saw 2 of the other ALTS there and then the Japanese girl who is the now president of the English conversation club, came along. I learnt there about this cult group in Japan called the AUM SHINRIKU. I have never heard about them before today. My friend said, their aim is to kill all humans in the world to purge the world. But they want to start by killing everyone in Japan. So in 1995 they set off a couple of nerve gases in subways all over Tokyo, Killing and injuring a whole lot of people. read more here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarin_gas_attack_on_the_Tokyo_subway

The worst thing about it is that these people still exist (Just like the KKK) but now go by the name Aleph and I heard that most of them are rich and powerful men, but they have some amount of idiotic followers.

Bwoyyy Stewart yuh a nuh one easy yute innu... DWL!!! bout re-populate... I have no such plans. Mi a leave dem fi yuh when yuh reach yah... :)

But the possibility does exist that I settle down here, who knows where life will take us?

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