Day 474 { Health survey / Jamaica the 3rd Happiest country on Earth 2009 } Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 474 { Health survey / Jamaica the 3rd Happiest country on Earth 2009 }

Health survey
Some professor lady at the local college in my area, left a survey thing in my apartment. Unfortunately I couldn't understand what it was saying so I asked my Japanese teacher to help me with it.

It was a very detailed survey about my life style, inclusive of my eating habits, how often I exercise, if I drink or smoke, my teeth health etc etc. This survey was delivered I think to everybody living in my immediate neighbourhood. It took about 1 hour to full out because my teacher had to translate it for me....I gave the English teacher from the college, the filled out survey today after work. I really don't mind visiting this college everyday you know :)

Jamaica the 3rd Happiest country on Earth 2009

Jamaica has moved up 50 places in the last three years to be ranked the third "happiest country" in the world", in the latest Happy Planet Index, published by Britain's New Economics Foundation.

Jamaica was placed 53rd on the list, an index of human well-being and environmental impact, when it was first published in July 2006. It moved up to third behind regional countries, Costa Rica, number one, and the Dominican Republic, number two, in the second report made public on Saturday.

The performances of the top three countries were indicative of the Central and South American region which ended up with nine of the top 10 places with Brazil, Cuba, Guatemala, Colombia, El Salvador and Honduras also included in the top 10. Cuba was ranked number seven.

The report said that Jamaica's appearance in the top three on the list came "somewhat" as a surprise as, "it is fair to say that the country has been in some economic trouble for over 30 years, resulting in high levels of inequality and unemployment.

"And yet, despite these problems, the island is able to maintain some of the best levels of health in the developing world, as indicated by its high average life expectancy. Together with its very small ecological footprint, it is this which puts Jamaica towards the top of the HPI table," the report stated.


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