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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 482 {Stop the Kids/ He is a Girl / Korean Air Tail Scrapes Ground } Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 482 { Stop The Kids /He is a Girl / Korean Air Tail Scrapes Ground }

Stop The Kids
Today is my last day at my main school before summer holidays.... And also my last day at the kindergarten before September 8. I had to teach the 4 year olds today... And they ooh so love to ATTEMPT!!! to stick you in the butt with their fingers???? Why can't the teachers tell them that this practise is W R O N G !!! Especially to foreigners !!! Please somebody please tell them....

The teachers had a grand idea today, and told me that next time, which is in September, I should take some reggae music and teach the kids how to dance.... hmmm O Lord... If its not one thing, I am happy that none of my Jamaican friend are near me to see this bit... Because every Japanese I show some dances, they think I am one of the greatest dancers in the world.... Woyyyyyy if they only knew the truth.... Well I can't take it out of their minds that all Jamaicans are good dancers and hey its FUN!!! I am getting paid to teach kids how to do some dances that either I make up on the spot, or can't do too well :)

He is a Girl
After work, I went briefly to the Tuesday English conversation at the College to see my friend Catherine's presentation on England.... It was interesting while it lasted but I had to go, because I promised the Wednesday English conversation friends that I was going to eat out with them.
So I went to the restaurant and there were only 2 guys that were serving approximately 25 different people. So it took a while for us to get our food. My Japanese friend told me that one of the guys who were serving, is actually a girl.... I couldn't believe it.... This guy/girl looks nothing like a girl whatsoever....My friend said he knew him/her growing up and he/she used to go to school with his/her skirt and girl uniform. But he/she decided to change his/her gender... Its the first time in all my life I KNOWINGLY interacted in any way with someone who had a sex change.. Maybe I had in the past but I don't know... I heard that he/she even has a beautiful wife...

Korean Air Tail Scrapes Ground

I am supposed to be travelling on Korean air pretty soon God's willing... and look what I saw in the news...

A Korean Air jetliner arriving from Incheon, South Korea scraped the runway with its tail while landing at Narita International airport around 12:30 p.m. Monday, the Airport authority said.

No one was injured, the Narita fire department said. The Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry is investigating the cause of the incident.

The runway was closed for about an hour to clean up, Narita International Airport Corp. said.


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Jamaipanese said...

the but poke happened to you?

ooh God I'd be traumatized -_-