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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 471 { Ikura Cave / Nova Boss Gets 5 Years } Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 471 { Ikura Cave / Nova Boss Gets 5 Years }

This morning I got a call from my Jamaican brethren who I met at our company meeting in May. He said he was in Niimi, so I was like "Why?? and why so early"... then he mentioned that he had to take his car back to the same crooked "Smile Service" people that our company chose as our car dealers. He said his engine was giving trouble as well as his lights weren't working. It was earlier this week an ALT around here said her car too was acting up. Jeez man... Why is our company doing this to us??? And nobody around here knows this company car company...not a soul, except us the ALTs.

Now, my Jamaican friend lives about 1 hour away in a city called MANIWA and he had to drive to Niimi with one of the Japanese helper persons (Independent Contractors or IC) that our company give us for these "special occasions"... Anyway, this IC lady is a really nice one and she is really kind and ultra helpful. she took us to breakfast and then we all went to a cave in the area name IKURA CAVE (Ikura in Japanese actually means How much?)... Its about 10 minutes from my apartment, but I have never been there until now. Actually it was my first time being in a cave of any sort, as far as I can recall. Inside there was cold, but after the long walking and the up and down through some narrow passages inside the cave, we were hot, sweaty and tired.

We then went to an ice cream place, where the lady who served the ice cream said she saw me on TV... Hey I'm famous around here :) !!!! Ha..
After getting back from this, we went to check on the guy's car and it was dealt with.... But, he may have to come back soon knowing this crooked car dealer.

On Day 440, I spoke about this company Nova that went Bankrupt, and their boss tried to smuggle away some of the money... well

Prosecutors demanded five years in prison Friday for formerNova Corp. President Nozomu Sahashi, who stands charged with embezzling ¥320 million in funds for employment benefits shortly before the giant language school chain went bankrupt in 2007.

"I deeply apologize. Everything falls under my responsibility," Sahashi, 57, said as his Osaka District Court trial opened.

Sahashi stands accused of diverting about ¥320 million from an employment benefits fund on July 20, 2007, transferring the money to the bank account of an affiliate.

All of the misappropriated money was used for reimbursement.

Nova collapsed in October 2007, leaving thousands of Japanese and foreign employees jobless and its students stuck with worthless lesson tickets.http://search.japantimes.co.jp/mail/nn20090704b2.html

I am sorry for that guy but thats the price for stealing.

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