Day 490 { Solar Eclipse 2009 In Japan / Long Trip} Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 490 { Solar Eclipse 2009 In Japan / Long Trip/ 3 Movies}


Early Early this morning there was an eclipse, but I didn't remember a thing... There was a whole lot of wind while I was in and out of sleep... I cant believe I didn't get to see it :(
here is some info about it

On July 22, 2009, the longest total eclipse of the 21st century will pass over Asia. The eclipse will have its peak duration over southern Japan, and will be visible from the Tokara Islands, Yakushima and Amami Oshima. Partial eclipses will be visible throughout the country.

Today, my friend's Landlord took me to the train station then I had to take 2 trains to the airport. It took only about 30 minutes to get there and while in the airport, I saw my friend Elijah, who used to work for my company.

We went on the same flight to South Korea, and we planned to walk around in the town a bit. However, after the 2 hour flight to South Korea, I learnt that the nearest town is at least 1 hour away from the airport. And my flight to New York would be in the next 2 hours. So I didn't even bother to take the chance and go in the city... All I did was step out of the airport, so I can say "hey, I have been to South Korea before > <"


My friend was there chatting up some of the Korean girls and the thing is that, most of them speak very very good English, unlike most of the random Japanese persons I have met. The South Korean girls that my friend was chatting up with seemed as if they were interested. He however kept making the mistake of speaking Japanese to them every now and again... lol.. Its almost unavoidable. Our eyes kept roving about in the airport though, looking at everyone and everything. Eventually, my friend had to go, then I went back to check on my stuff on the plane. Most of the time in the airport, I sat down and played this PSP game name Lumines. When it was time to leave for New York, some Korean guys were looking at my passport for a while, then one of them asked "sir excuse me, do you speak English? ", me being quite shocked, said "Yes, OF COURSE!!!" with a disgrutled look on my face. He then said "oh, im sorry, this is the first time we are seeing a Jamaican Passport!!!" .... I guess not a whole lot of Jamaicans travel to South Korea... They then asked me for me USA visa... After I showed them, it was finally time to go... Boy I tell you, citizens of third world nations have a hard time to travel around...

Afternoon / Night

While on the plane, I did several things to try and get through the 13 hours journey from South Korea to New York. I slept several times, watched a documenary about travelling to mars, one about modern technology gadjets and another one about new types of fuel.... I also watched 3 movies:

Monsters Vs Aliens - had some good laughs

Duplicity - Too much flash backs and flash forwards, confusing me

Euchleon's Conspiray - Ok to a point but a little too pridictable

Finally we got to New York, then my friend Gregory came to pick me up at the JFK Airport. I stopped by his place then we went on the road to get Jerk Chicken. I then chatted with his sister and cousin for a while then went to bed...


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