Day 489 { The Journey Begins } Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 489 { The Journey Begins }

Went to a store today to do some final buying, then my friend came to drop me to the bus stop where I would take a 4 hour and 30 mins drive to Osaka. The drive would normally take 3 hours and 30 mins but at the time the bus left out, there would be some serious traffic in Osaka.

While in Osaka, I had to struggle with my heavy luggage around the area, up a few stair cases and in 2 trains. I then met my friend and she helped me with my luggage. To add to my tired and drained state, the rain started to fall. Thankfully it wasn't heavy rain.... The journey from my home town started at about 2pm.. And I finally got to my friend's apartment at about 9pm... Yes 7 long hours with some heavy luggage. She eventually told me that I could have actually avoided that hassle, by posting the luggage to the air port.

We then chatted and ate, and she introduced me to her Landlord, then I slept by her apartment.


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