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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 470 { B-Team/ OverTime Or Date ? }Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 470 { B-Team/ OverTime Or Date ? }

One teacher (even though he is a good friend of mine) refuse to plan any lesson with me before classes. He chiefly wait until I am inside the classroom then he tell me what he wants done. I don't really like this at all trust me.

After work, I got a little nap, but it seem that every single time that I sleep after work, I wake up with an upset stomach. Why??? I have no clue.

After waking up, I went to play football. This time, while playing against each other, I scored about 7 goals. Then when the outside team came, I scored none. Part of the reason is that, my Japanese team mates decided to have a A-team and B-Team of sorts. The A-Team is all Japanese and the B-team has all foreigners and 1 Japanese. Needless to say the opposing team scored on "us easily tired foreigners" endlessly. I doubt if we scored even 1 goal. Only the A-Team scored on the opposing team. I honestly don't like the idea of throwing all the foreigners on 1 team... Its all good fun, lets mix it up.

OverTime Or Date ?

More than 80 percent of new recruits who started working this spring would choose to work if asked to do overtime rather than go out on a date, according to a survey, possibly reflecting a shift in young people's values under the harsh economic conditions.
A record-high 82.8 percent of 3,200 new employees polled who participated in job training offered by the Japan Productivity Center, a nonprofit organization based in Tokyo, between March and April said they would prioritize work, while 16.6 percent said they would choose a date over extra work.

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Stewart said...

That last statistic there is the reason why Japanese ppl are gonna continue to become lesser and lesser in population... It is up to you dave... you need to repopulate Japan!!! With the new race of Blackanese!!!