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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 574 { Cambodia } Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 574 { Cambodia }

Today after work I went to the English conversation thing. The other ALT that normally come as well, showed us some pictures of her trip to Cambodia .... While she was showing us the pictures, I started remembering tomb raider the game. Because the pictures look exactly like most of the background graphics in tomb raider.

Some years ago, there was this massacre done by a dictator guy name Pol Pot... He killed many of the teachers and other professionals who could threaten his power. In all he ended up killing over 2 million Cambodians (About 21% of the population then) between (1976-1979).

The bones of the victims are still some places in Cambodia, known as the killing fields.

Recently a guy who escaped dying was giving his testimony... here is the story:

Chum Mey has waited for 30 years to tell his story to the world: the story of a prisoner, one of the very few, who survived incarceration in Pol Pot's most notorious and murderous prison.

Standing behind bulletproof glass in a courtroom in Phnom Penh, the former engineer, now a frail 79-year-old, recalled the agony of jail S21. "I was tortured for 12 days and nights. Every day they beat me with a stick. They used pliers to pull out my toenails," he said, breaking down in tears. "They used electric shocks. Twice I lost consciousness."


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