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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 589 { Maybe On Another TV Station / Ships Collide / A Wicked Lady } Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 589 { Maybe On Another TV Station / Ships Collide / A Wicked Lady }

Today for my grade 6 class (where the teacher almost never prepares for) I practised my script with the grade 6 kids at this school (quite possibly my worst class). Yes season 3 of my show is going to be shot at this school next Thursday God's willing... And guess what??? The main TV station in Japan name NHK, saw my show, liked it, and want it to be aired on their station.... This station is all over Japan, however, each prefecture has different programs... I think my TV show will be all over my prefecture now :) hey who knows, I might soon be getting paid as a TV show host in Japan :)

The thing is that, the company who wants to video me, is the same company that require people to pay a fee for having a TV inside their house or apartment.... I will not even comment any further on this matter....

After work, I again had a bad showing at Football and scored 0 goals against the opposing team, while my team mate who hardly can kick the ball properly, scored 2.....Well I did manage to score 1 while training with my team mates.

MSDF warship collides with S. Korean freighter

Three crew members of the 5,200-ton Kurama sustained minor burns and light injuries, while no one on the freighter was hurt, the ministry said.

The Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer Kurama collided with a South Korean cargo vessel in the Kammon Strait in Fukuoka Prefecture at around 8 p.m. Tuesday, causing a fire on the warship, the Defense Ministry said.

No details about the fire were immediately available, but footage on NHK TV showed flames rising from the bow, which appeared to have suffered significant damage.

According to the ministry, the Kurama's bow houses a paint storage locker.


Woman probed over four deaths

A 34-year-old Tokyo woman under arrest for allegedly defrauding two men she had promised to marry had relationships with four others who died under mysterious circumstances, and police said Tuesday they are now investigating the possibility the men were murdered.

Yoshiyuki Oide, a 41-year-old company employee from Chiyoda Ward who had apparently dated the Toshima Ward woman, was found dead early Aug. 6 in a rented car parked in a lot in Fujimi, Saitama Prefecture. He was in the back seat and the car was locked, the police said.

They said he apparently died of carbon monoxide poisoning, and a burned charcoal briquette coal was found on one of the car seats. An autopsy turned up traces of a sleeping drug in Oide, and neither a car key nor a suicide note was found inside the vehicle, according to the police.

About 20 hours before his body was found, Oide hinted on his blog that he planned to soon get married.

The police alleged that the woman, whose name was not released, conned Oide out of about ¥5 million, claiming she had something she wanted to buy, but because she was a student she didn't have enough money.

The woman also reportedly worked as a nursing helper and allegedly visited the home of Kenzo Ando, 80, in Noda, Chiba Prefecture. He died May 15 in a fire that gutted his house. A sleeping drug was also detected in his corpse.

There were two other men — one from Tokyo and one from Chiba Prefecture — who knew the woman and died, the police said. They did not say how the pair died.

The woman was arrested for allegedly swindling a combined ¥3.3 million from a Nagano Prefecture man in his 50s and a Shizuoka Prefecture man in his 40s, after promising both that she would marry them. The police believe she hit them both up for money ostensibly to pay for tuition.


This lady was not joking at all...

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