Day 579 { Checking Out iphone } Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 579 { Checking Out iphone }

Today after work, I decided to check out the softbank (formerly vodafone, one of the 3 main phone companies in Japan, they have a lot of shares in yahoo) store, to POSSIBLY purchase an iphone. The problem is that, all the translating people that I called to help me were busy.... I am really really contemplating buying one. The main reason is that, since my other phone fell in the toilet, the battery is only giving me a maximum of 2 minutes talk time. I could buy a new battery too but what the heck, a new phone would be much better than this old phone...

Anyway, I went to the softbank shop and checked out the iphone 3g and the iphone 3gs... just to look if the store had them... and very much so they were there with big advertisements... making it even more difficult to restrain myself from buying one. Tomorrow, I am going to come back here again with a translator, to check how the iphone plan works.


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