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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 446 { Japanese And Blood Types} Monday, June 8, 2009

Day 446 { Japanese And Blood Types }

Today I taught the four year old group at the kindergarten. I taught them fruits and it was the first time they were knowing about Strawberry. After teaching, they did not want me to leave... Every kid wanted a high 5 like 20 times... Then the 5 year olds were just coming from play time and they saw me... Oh boy.. They too wanted high 5s...and shortly after that, I was surrounded by 4 and 5 year olds who wanted high 5s. The teachers had to pull them away from me so I could escape from them.

After work, I went to my apartment then went to the English conversation that is normally on Tuesdays. They kept it today because the leader has some engagement tomorrow. Only 6 of us came and we spoke about all sort of stuff.... One of the topics that came up was that of Blood type...

I can't believe I am here for over a year and this I think is going to be my first post on the blood type thing in Japan... So, here goes.....

Many Japanese people (chiefly females) believe that your blood type is directly tied to your personality and character.... It is so bad that, it is very possible that if you are dating a Japanese girl, and she finds out that you are of a certain blood type, she will break off with you there and then..... Because they are seeking someone of a specific blood type... Now, a little problem is that, a good 98% or more of foreigners, don't have a clue what their blood type is.... And if you should tell this to a Japanese female, she will be shocked out of her wits... as in " How can you not know your BLOOD TYPE ???? " kind of shocked. I was saying this to the Chinese/American girl who came to the English conversation thing, and she didn't know that this was embedded in the Japanese mind...But she experienced it right there at the English conversation, because when she said that she didn't know her blood type, one of the Japanese ladies shouted in disbelief "HONTO" ... REALLY!!!!!! So we all laughed and I said " you see!, I told you" ...

This is an article I found about the blood type thing:

A person's blood type is determined by what kind of antigen, a type of protein, is on the surface of the red blood cells. If a person has an A antigen, the blood is type A while a B antigen means type B blood. People with both are type AB, and those with neither are type O. The most common type is O, followed by A, B and AB.

There is no solid scientific evidence that blood type is related to character. But that hasn't stopped the Japanese from believing in it.

Toshitaka Nomi of Japan has written 30 books on blood types. According to his book You Are Your Blood Type, the following are the traits of the four blood types:


People of this blood type are perfectionist, orderly, detail-oriented, industrious, idealistic, soft-spoken and careful.


Positive Negative Suitable Careers
Orderly Picky Accountant
Law-abiding Selfish Librarian
Fastidious Secretive Economist
Soft-spoken Pessimistic Novelist
Fashionable Inflexible Computer Programmer

Reckless when drunk Gossip



People with this blood type are flexible, passionate, creative, unconventional and have excellent concentration.


Positive Negative Suitable Careers
Independent Unpredictable Cook
Flexible Indiscreet Hair dresser
Candid Lazy Military leader
Sensitive Impatient Talk show host
Passionate Overbearing Journalist


People of this blood type are supposed to be natural leaders, great organizers, diplomatic, rational and imaginative.


Positive Negative Suitable Careers
Rational Unforgiving Bartender
Calculating Playboy Attorney
Honest Easily offended Teacher
Diplomatic Too conservative Sales representative
Organized Nitpicker Social worker
Strong Hard to know Witch


People with this blood type are powerful leaders, goal-oriented, enthusiastic, optimistic and good at business.


Positive Negative Suitable Careers
Healthy Status-seeking Banker
Idealistic Jealous Politician (leader)
Goal-oriented Greedy Gambler
Clear-sighted Unreliable Minister (leader)
Good at sports Obsessive lover Investment broker
Sexy Can't shut up baseball player

At least 2 persons have suggested to me that I am a TYPE-O .... well, I have no evidence of this so I don't know... Wikipedia says this blood type business was derived from historical Scientific Racism...


Kiyoshi Yamauchi said...

Thank you for writing about Niimi English Salon. I will give you a grade A (not blood type A) to your report on blood types.
the leader of the English Salon

davay colly said...

LOL good one Kiyoshi

zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

I have no idea what my blood type is. I saw it one time...don't remember. Need to check it again.